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Best Tumble Dryer Condenser Boxes (2022 UK)

When you purchase a vented tumble dryer, it can be an inconvenience to have to tactically place the hose outside of a window, or through the wall, in order to adequately vent the steam.

If you’re looking to transform your tumble dryer from a vented to a condenser one, then you’ll need to invest in a good tumble dryer condenser box. This will help prevent your space from getting overly hot and humid, which can cause problems such as mould.

As this can seem like a niche product, you may be wondering where to start when choosing one. That’s why we’ve devised a product roundup, featuring five products to help you find the best tumble dryer condenser box for you.

Let’s explore these products in more detail, and don’t forget to check out our top tips for more information about what to look for in a tumble dryer condenser box.

Best Tumble Dryer Condenser Boxes in the UK

1. Europart Internal Tumble Dryer Condenser Hose and Box

Removing condensation is made much easier with this tumble dryer condenser box from Europart.

This box is designed to fit thousands of tumble dryers, and claims to fit all of those with a 4-inch vent hose. This means, for many standard tumble dryers, this box will easily fit and work well. However, if you do have a 3.5-inch vent hose, which is rarer, than you will need to purchase an adapter for this box to fit.

One of the advantages of this product is how easy it is to set up. All you need to do is attach the 4-inch exhaust hose to the steam outlet on your tumble dryer, then add some cold water to the unit and you’re good to go. From this, all of the steam and moisture created from drying will be fed into the re-usable box.

Gone are the days of leaving your windows wide open when your tumble dryer is in use. Instead, you can take comfort in using this high-quality condenser box, which will prevent your room from steaming up while still allowing your clothes to get dry.

At a budget-friendly price, you can’t go wrong with this condenser box, suited to fit all kinds of tumble dryers. However, bear in mind that the plastic material has been considered quite flimsy, so you may find that it could need replacing quicker than other boxes would.


  • Designed to fit thousands of tumble dryers
  • Comes with an exhaust hose


  • Easy to set up
  • Budget-friendly


  • Not the most durable plastic material


2. Wenko Condenser Box for Tumble Dryer

Many tumble dryer condenser boxes will claim to remove condensation and moisture when clothes are drying, but this condenser from Wenko does more than that. Able to contain 8 litres of air humidity, this condenser box promises plenty of volume to get rid of every drop, so your room won’t feel stuffy again.

It includes deep-frozen accumulators, which work to condense the water. It is a sturdy, well-constructed box, that will last you and won’t fall apart after just a few uses.

Not only this, but it is straightforward to set up and easy, too. You need to fill the trays with ice, which will then drop the temperature inside the box, causing the steam to condense into water.

It is worth noting that this condenser box does not include a hose, so you will need to purchase this separately. As this is already one of the more expensive condenser boxes on the market, this isn’t ideal.


  • 8 litre capacity
  • Made from sturdy polypropylene
  • Comes with 2 accumulators


  • Great volume for taking in large amounts of humidity
  • Durable design
  • Ideal for rooms without windows


  • More expensive than competitor models
  • No hose included


3. LAZER ELECTRICS Universal Tumble Dryer Condenser Box

This tumble dryer condenser box is one of the most popular on the market, and it’s not hard to see why.

As its name suggests, it is a universal condenser, so it will fit all kinds of tumble dryers. This means you won’t have to worry about checking the measurements too much, as if you own a standard, modern tumble dryer, this condenser kit should do the trick.

It works effectively to remove condensation, and, like many condensers, will work at its best when you use cold water. With this purchase, you’ll get one twin tray, a 4-inch diameter hose, and a wall mountable container. The wall mountable container is ideal if you live in a smaller, more limited space too.

You won’t have to exert too much energy when setting up this condenser box. It’s easy to assemble and easy to clean out too, as you’ll need to empty the box after a heavy drying cycle.


  • Comes as a full condenser kit, including a twin tray and hose
  • Includes a wall mountable container
  • Universal to fit many brands of tumble dryer


  • Easy to assemble
  • Wall mountable container is great for limited space, such as in a flat
  • Universal design makes it useable on a variety of brands


  • Some customers have found that the design of the lid can be flimsy, and can be awkward to open and close


4. Qualtex Condenser Vent

If you’re looking for a tumble dryer condenser box that is easy to get set up, then the Qualtex Condenser Vent is a great option.

To use this condenser vent, simply connect the vent hose to the tumble dryer outlet, and the alternate end of the hose to the condenser box. However, with this box, be sure to use the correct size adapter, as it is not made to fit every tumble dryer without an adapter.

You’ll then just need cold water or ice to half fill the box, which works to condense the hot air from the dryer. This straightforward and convenient set up makes this an excellent product that you can rely on.

Despite being offered at a budget-friendly price, Qualtex haven’t compromised on quality, as this condenser box is durable and long-lasting, giving you high-quality results that won’t leave your space feeling damp.


  • Fits a wide range of tumble dryers when used with the correct adapter
  • Includes a hose


  • Straightforward assembly
  • Durable design
  • Budget-friendly


  • You will need to purchase a separate adapter in order for this to be used as a universal condenser


5. SPARES2GO Vent Hose Condenser Kit

This condenser box from SPARES2GO is a high-quality product that prevents condensation from dampening your walls and filling up your space.

It is easy to assemble, and comes with a vent hose, a box with a lid, two cable fasteners, and 3 adapters. This means it will fit a variety of tumble dryers, including many standard-sized tumble dryers.

This product will also prevent dust and lint from settling on your walls, so your room will feel fresher for longer. However, some customers have noted that it is not always effective at fully removing condensation, and that there is still some damp in the room after use. With this in mind, you may find ventilating the room by opening windows or doors is necessary for there to be no damp.

SPARES2GO have ensured that, should you need to replace parts of the kit, there are specific replacements available. Although it is a durable design, this means that you can simply purchase the spare parts, rather than purchasing a whole new condenser box if something does stop working.


  • Includes 1 x vent hose, 1 x container with lid, 2 x cable fasteners, 3 x adapters
  • Will fit a wide range of tumble dryers when using the correct adapter


  • Minimizes condensation and prevents dust from settling on the walls
  • Replacement parts available
  • Durable construction
  • Easy to set up


  • Some customers have found that there are still traces of condensation after use at times


What Does a Tumble Dryer Condenser Box Do?

A tumble dryer condenser box is used to convert a vented tumble dryer into a condenser tumble dryer.

A vented tumble dryer requires the use of a hose through which the hot, damp air from the tumble dryer will escape, usually through a window or a vent in the wall. The hot air leaving the tumble dryer means that it can end up leaving dust or condensation around the room.

A condenser dryer, however, catches this damp air in a box where it condenses, and the water will collect ready to be emptied away. The fact that this warm air is blown into a condenser box rather than out through a hose reduces the amount of water and dust that escapes the dryer.

If you want to convert a vented dryer into a condenser dryer, a common solution is to use a tumble dryer condenser box. A condenser box is an external box that can be fixed to the end of a hose or the vented tumble dryer itself to collect the moisture that would normally blow through the hose.

By adding a condenser box to a vented tumble dryer, the appliance can be placed almost anywhere around your home rather than just by a window or vent. This makes it much easier to use a condenser dryer in flats, student accommodation or small properties.


How Do You Turn a Vented Tumble Dryer into a Condenser?

A vented tumble dryer can be easily used as a condenser dryer with the addition of a condenser box. Instead of the warm, damp air being blown through the hose out of the window, you can fit a condenser box to the end of the hose. The water will then collect in the box without a window or vent being required.

By moving the damp air from the vented tumble dryer into a condenser box rather than out the hose, it reduces the amount of condensation in the tumble dryer’s drum, and reduces the risk of condensation building up on your walls and windows.

Once the condenser box is in place, your tumble dryer can then be placed almost anywhere in your property.


Do You Put Water in a Tumble Dryer Condenser Box?

Generally speaking, yes.

The exact amount will depend on the brand of tumble dryer condenser box you have, so always check the manufacturer’s guidelines for tips.

Usually, however, you will need to put around an inch of water in the bottom of the condenser box. The humid air will then condense when it comes into contact with the water in the condenser box.

The box will then need to be ideally emptied at the end of each dryer cycle, and then clean water should be put in the bottom of the tank again before the next cycle.


How to Choose the Best Tumble Dryer Condenser Box

1. The Right Box for Your Brand

When choosing a tumble dryer condenser box, it is essential that you consider the brand of your tumble dryer beforehand. Some boxes are only designed to fit with a specific make of dryer, so if you choose the wrong one, it may not fit properly and won’t be any good.

With this in mind, we recommend choosing a universal condenser box, that will fit many, if not all, brands of tumble dryer. These may be on the more expensive side, but if you’re struggling to find a box specific the tumble dryer you own then this is the safest option.

2. Convenience

Not only does your tumble dryer box need to fit properly, but it should be easy to fit, too.

The best tumble dryer condenser boxes will be convenient to fit and operate, and won’t require a lot of manual labour to set up. Many boxes will come with a hose and a full condenser kit, so to ensure that you can get the most out of these tools, it is essential that they have a straightforward set-up process.

The idea of a tumble dryer condenser box is to easily transform a vented tumble dryer into a condenser one, without the need for drilling holes in the wall. However, if the box is difficult to install, it will just be frustrating rather than adding simplicity to your life.

3. Durable Design

Although tumble dryer condenser boxes are generally affordable and budget-friendly, you shouldn’t have to constantly replace it.

That’s why your box should be durable and well-constructed. You won’t want your box to fall apart after a few uses. Try to look out for boxes made from strong materials, and, for extra reassurance, some brands will have spare parts and replacements available to purchase, to eliminate the need to complete re-purchase your box.


Do Tumble Condenser Boxes Work?

There is some debate around whether tumble dryer condenser boxes are an effective method for preventing condensation, and whether they actually work well at all.

Condenser Tumble Dryers vs Condenser Boxes

Some users of these boxes have found that they may not be worth the investment, but does this mean you’re better off simply purchasing a condenser tumble dryer instead?

Arguably, one of the downsides to using a condenser box is that it will need to be filled with cold water or ice to work properly. This can be time-consuming, and completely useless if you find that you still need to open windows and doors when the tumble dryer is in use.

Condenser tumble dryers are considered to be far more effective at removing moisture from the air, as they work by recirculating the air in the machine and condensing the moisture in this way. However, if you already own a vented tumble dryer, then choosing a tumble dryer condenser box will be a more budget-friendly option, rather than purchasing an entirely new dryer.

You may be taking a chance when purchasing a tumble dryer condenser box, as there is the potential for it to not completely remove all of the condensation and damp in your space. While they are generally cost-effective and can be an excellent way to remove condensation, it is important to consider the risk that they may not work at all.



Finding the best tumble dryer condenser box will make a significant difference to your space, and remove the need for opening windows or airing the room out to keep condensation at bay.

However, there are many high-quality tumble dryer condenser boxes on the market, and choosing the right one for you can seem like a difficult task. After reviewing five bestselling tumble dryer condenser boxes, my pick for the best tumble dryer condenser box would be the Europart Internal Tumble Dryer Condenser Hose and Box. It’s low priced and is designed to fit almost any tumble dryer.

We hope this review has helped you to choose the best tumble dryer condenser box, to help remove condensation and turn a vented tumble dryer into a condenser one in no time!

Thanks for reading!