tumble dryer heat in degrees celsius

How Hot Does a Tumble Dryer Get in Degrees Celsius?

A tumble dryer can get very hot during the process of fully eradicating the water from your clothes after you’ve run them through a wash cycle.


What’s the Maximum Temperature of a Tumble Dryer?

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The hottest temperature that your tumble dryer can reach in degrees Celsius is around 70°C, but most machines will run at 60°C on average. 

The lowest is no heat at all, which is usually used for extremely delicate items or to freshen or remove lint or fluff from items between washes. 


What Are the Best Temperatures for Different Items?

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Each temperature setting on your tumble dryer is designed for different items of clothing. The main settings are high, medium and low. This is what they do. 


The highest temperature on your tumble dryer is designed for heavy items and things that can be safely dried at a high heat without shrinking, such as towels.


The medium temperature setting is a safe bet for most of your everyday items, including t-shirts, jumpers, blouses and other poly-blend items. 


A low temperature is best for baby clothes, leggings, socks and items with elastane. 



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Every tumble dryer model is slightly different, but the maximum temperature of most dryers is between 60°C and 70°C. It is important to stay aware of what temperature certain items can be dried at, or if they are even suitable for a tumble dryer at all.