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Where Should a Dryer Vent Be Placed?

If you’re getting a new tumble dryer soon and need to install a dryer vent, this is the article for you.

Installing a dryer vent isn’t too tricky if you have the tools (or are paying for installation). However, the placement of the dryer vent should be considered.

We’ll talk about where a dryer vent should be placed below, along with a few other FAQs about tumble dryer venting to ensure you install yours perfectly.


Dryer Vent Placement

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Your dryer vent should be installed as close to your tumble dryer as possible. This means, ideally, the dryer vent should be on the wall behind the tumble or to the side of it.

If that isn’t possible, the closer you can install the dryer vent to the tumble dryer, the better. This is so that all the moisture from your tumble dryer will escape quickly.

This means the placement of your tumble dryer is also really important. Try and place your tumble dryer as close to an external wall as possible, and avoid placing the dryer in the middle of your home.

That way, you can keep the vent hose short and get maximum ventilation.


Can a Dryer Vent Be Higher Than the Dryer?

A dryer vent can be installed higher than a dryer, and many people do make them higher if they are installing a tumble dryer in a basement, for example.

Most standard venting hose that is supplied with tumble dryers will work perfectly if the dryer vent is installed higher.

Once again, though, try to keep the dryer vent as close to the tumble dryer as possible. The closer it is to the tumble dryer, the better the ventilation will be.


What Is the Maximum Length for a Dryer Vent?

Most tumble dryer manufacturers supply vent hoses that are 3-4m in length with tumble dryers. However, you can buy a longer vent hose if needed.

A tumble dryer vent hose shouldn’t be more than 10 metres long, though. And the hose should be one consistent length of hose, not multiple pieces connected together.

This will prevent any moisture from escaping the hose which may cause damp in your home.

dryer vent hose length


What Is the Minimum Length for a Dryer Vent?

There is no minimum length for a dryer vent hose. In an ideal installation, the hose will leave the back of the tumble dryer and exit through the wall straight away, as this will ensure that all moisture and heat leave the home as efficiently and quickly as possible.


Can the Dryer Vent Hose Bend?

Most tumble dryers are supplied with flexible venting hoses in the UK, which can bend around corners if needed.

However, the more bends you have in the venting hose, the less effective the venting will be.

So, always try to keep the bends in your hose to a minimum, but if there is no other option than to bend it, keep the vent hose as short as possible to maximise the ventilation.


In Conclusion

dryer vent placementA dryer vent should always be installed as close to the tumble dryer as possible. If it isn’t, you can run the risk of moisture staying in your home.

If this simply isn’t possible in your home, have you considered using a condenser tumble dryer instead? They have the same drying power but do not need to be vented to the outside of your home.

We have articles about every kind of tumble dryer, including the best condenser tumble dryers available in the UK, as well as other top-rated tumble dryers too.