Can You Put a Washing Machine in the Garage?

Washing machines are big appliances that can take up a lot of valuable space in a smaller kitchen.

As a result, many people are tempted to put washing machines in other parts of the house, like the garage, for example.

However, putting a washing machine in a garage can cause a few issues that are best to be avoided. So, here are a few reasons why putting your washing machine in your garage isn’t the best idea.


Reasons Not to Put Your Washing Machine in the Garage

washing machine in the garage

1. Condensation and poor ventilation

Washing machines should be installed in rooms that have good ventilation. They create a lot of moisture during use, and this can cause condensation in poorly ventilated spaces.

The steam and heat created during the washing cycle can then cling to cold walls and garage doors. It can also pool on the metal panels of the washing machine itself.

Over time, condensation can cause damage to the washing machine. Any metal in the washing machine may begin to rust, including the motor, and some parts may even begin to grow mould.

This will reduce the lifespan of the machine and may even make it harmful to use. Of course, the condensation will also affect anything else you have in the garage too.

If you do intend to put your washing machine in your garage, you should make sure it is well-ventilated.

Adding a window, for example, and ensuring the window and garage door are open during use, will allow the warm air to escape.


2. Extreme temperature changes

Garages go through extreme temperature changes throughout the year. They can be incredibly warm in the summer and absolutely freezing during the winter. This is because they are not as well insulated as our homes.

These extreme temperature changes put extra stress on the machine and may cause it to break down quicker than expected.

During the summer, the washing machine may overheat because of higher temperatures, for example.

washing machine in garage


3. The washing machine could freeze

Freezing can also play a factor when it comes to extreme temperature changes. The pipes that feed the washing machine may freeze, as can the drain hose and any water remaining in the machine.

This means that during very cold spells, your washing machine may be unusable. If water is left in the washing machine, it can expand as it freezes and damage internal components.

There are ways of preventing your washing machine from freezing during the winter if you do put it in the garage.

You can run a hot water cycle on the machine throughout the winter, even on days when you aren’t using it. However, this can increase your energy consumption.


4. Cost

In order to make your garage a good space for your washing machine, you are going to need to spend some cash.

Of course, you are going to need a good electrical circuit to run the machine. You are also going to need all of the plumbing to make sure the washing machine runs correctly.

However, in order to prevent the extreme temperature changes that a garage experiences throughout the year, you may want to consider additional insulation.

Plus, you’ll also need to create good ventilation so that the hot air and steam can escape.

All of this can run the costs up quite dramatically. In fact, to create the perfect environment for your washing machine in your garage, you could be looking at thousands of pounds.

So, if you don’t have space for a full-sized washing machine in your kitchen, and the garage isn’t the best place to put it, what can you do?

Well, you could buy a slimline washing machine. A lot of slimline washing machines are top loading, which is something to consider as this will play a factor in where you can put them.

However, they offer a much smaller profile than a standard washing machine and could be perfect for your needs.

You could also redesign your kitchen to make the most of the space. If you are considering having a new kitchen installed, this could be the best option. You’ll be able to maximise the space and ensure all the important appliances have a space.

garage with washing machine inside


We hope this look at putting a washing machine in a garage has been helpful. While you can put a washing machine in the garage, it can cost a lot to make the garage the perfect space for it. 

If the garage isn’t well insulated and ventilated, it can damage the machine over time.

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