Top loading washing machine

Best Top Loading Washing Machines (2022 UK)

Unlike in the US, the vast majority of washing machines in the UK are front loading. However, you can still find top loading washing machines if you know where to look.

Front loading machines are more popular in the UK as we tend to put our washing machines in the kitchen or laundry room underneath a countertop.

When choosing a top loading machine, bear in mind that the dimensions will be quite different to those of a front loading machine. Top loaders are taller and narrower, so they are a good choice for narrow spaces.

Since there aren’t many top loading washing machines on the market in the UK, there isn’t so much choice when it comes to load capacity. Most top loaders in the UK only have a load capacity of 6 or 7 kg, whereas with a front loader you can easily find load capacities of 8 kg and above.

Without further ado, lets take a look at the best top loading washing machines in the UK.

Best Top Loading Washing Machine in the UK

1. Cater-Wash CK8575 Washing Machine

Load capacity: 7.5 kg
Dimensions:  87.5 cm high x 40 cm wide x 60 cm deep
Spin speed: 1200 rpm
Energy rating: A+++ (on the old energy efficiency scale)

Designed by Cater Wash, this top-loading washing machine makes doing laundry a breeze. The new innovative design allows the drum to spin at 1200 RPM.

One nice function is the “My Cycle” feature, which lets you create and save a custom washing cycle by choosing the temperature, soil level and spin speed.

In summary this is a great machine to take care of medium sized washing loads, for those with less household room for installation.


2. Hotpoint WMTF722UUKN

Hotpoint WMTF722UUKN washing machine

Load capacity: 7 kg
Dimensions: 90 cm high x 40 cm wide x 60 cm deep
Spin speed: 1200 rpm
Energy rating: E (new energy efficiency scale), A++ on the old scale

The Hotpoint Aquarius WMTF 722H is one of the most popular top loading washers on the market in the UK.

It’s just 40 centimetres wide, so it’s great if you need something for a narrow space. You can also fill and empty the machine easily without having to bend down, so it’s a good choice if you have back problems.

The Hotpoint Aquarius WMTF 722H is one of the best top loading washing machines you can buy in the UK.

It’s ideal if you need something narrow that you can use without bending down. It has some good short cycles that get clothes cleaned effectively.


3. electriQ eiQWMTL75 7.5kg 1200rpm Top Loading Washing Machine

electriQ eiQWMTL75 washing machine

Load capacity: 7.5 kg
Dimensions:  87 cm high x 39.5 cm wide x 65 cm deep
Spin speed: 1200 rpm
Energy rating: D (new energy efficiency scale)

This top loader from electricQ offers a choice of 16 washing programmes including a cycle for baby clothes as well as 15-minute and 45-minute quick wash cycles.

This washer will fit in a 40 cm gap, making it a good choice if you’re short on space. The 7.5 kg capacity is ideal for couples and smaller households.

The eiQWMTL75 can be quite noisy, but it’s compact and cleans clothes well.


Pros and Cons of Top Loading Washing Machines

Top loading washing machines have both advantages and disadvantages when compared to front loading machines.

Advantages of top loading machines

  • Faster cycle times
  • You don’t need to bend down so much—good if you have back problems
  • You can often add washing mid-cycle

Downsides of top loading machines

  • Tend to be less energy efficient
  • Spin speed tends to be slower, so washing requires more drying
  • Less gentle than front loaders, so they’re not as good for delicates


Top Loading Washing Machine FAQs

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about top loading washing machines.

Do top loading washing machines use more water?

On average, top loading washing machines use more water than front loaders. According to the New York Times, front loaders use 5 gallons (22.73 litres) less water per cycle compared to top loaders.

However, sometimes top loaders use less water than equivalent front loading machines. For example, the Hotpoint WMTF722UUKN is a 7 kg top loading machine which is estimated to use 8,900 litres of water per year. The Hotpoint BIWMHG71483UKN is a 7 kg front loading machine which is estimated to use 10,840 litres of water per year.

Are top loading washing machines less energy efficient?

Yes, top loading washing machines tend to be less energy efficient.

Why are front-loading washing machines more popular in UK?

Manufacturers in the UK only seem to manufacture machines with a front-facing door which seems pretty logical considering so many people have their washing machines under a bench.

This stems from the fact that a lot of us struggle for space in the kitchen and not everyone has a room they can dedicate to laundry.

Many new builds now include a smaller room with the purpose to house a washer and dryer, so top-loading washing machines are becoming a little more sought after.



If we had to pick just one top loading washing machines to recommend it would be the Cater-Wash CK8575. It’s got a nice narrow design and is easy to use without having to bend down. This washing machine cleans effectively and lets you create and save a custom washing cycle.

If you’re not sure about top loading machines and would like to get a front loading machine instead, check out our roundup of the top 10 best washing machines in the UK.