Best Reed Diffusers

Best Reed Diffusers (2021 UK)

Reed diffusers are a hugely popular way to make your home smell delightful and there are so many scents to choose from to create the exact mood you’d like for every room in your house.

You can even get fresh bread scented reed diffusers to make it seem as though you’ve been busy baking in the kitchen!

From fresh florals to cosy winter scents and even odour neutralising ones – you can get a reed diffuser for all of your home-scent needs.

With so much choice on the market, it can be difficult to choose which brand to go for, as you want value for money, longevity and the right level of scent to suit you.

So here’s our list of some of the best reed diffusers in the UK.

Best Reed Diffusers in the UK

Best for Scent

We all want our reed diffusers to suit our specific scent requirements and many of us like a good strong smell that will make our rooms smell divine. In this category, our focus is on the best smelling diffusers – less subtle, more delightful!

1. Yankee Candle – Fluffy Towels

Size: 120 ml
Scent: Fresh towels, lavender, apple, lemon, lily
Lasts: Up to 10 weeks

Yankee Candles has to be one of the biggest brand names in home fragrance with their highly popular candles, available in almost every scent you could imagine. Their reed diffusers are no different – still providing delightful whiffs to make your home smell amazing! This flame-free option is ideal for any spaces in your home where a scented candle wouldn’t be a safe option.

They are in the mid-to-high price bracket, but you do get good value for your money and a great choice of scents.


2. Neom Organics London – Happiness

Size: 100 ml
Scent: Neroli, mimosa, lemon
Lasts: Up to 12 weeks

This scent has been developed to lift your mood and inspire happiness, with zingy pops of lemon to make you feel zesty again. In a consumer research trial carried out by Neom, 92% of 65 women felt uplifted when using the ‘Happiness ‘products – candles and scent mists are also available.

Neom is a little on the pricier side of things, but they use only 100% natural fragrances to create their products, which is great for those who like to keep things as natural as possible.


3. St Eval Candle Company – Bay and Rosemary

Size: 150 ml
Scent: Bay leaf, rosemary
Lasts: Up to 12 weeks

This bay and rosemary reed diffuser has a good, clean scent which would be well suited to any room in your home. Also, their super simple packaging and design will mean they fit in with any decor, so you don’t have to worry about your favourite scent being bright pink when you have a monochromatic colour scheme.

Made using natural essential oils, this is a little more on the pricey side, especially for the size of the product.


4. BAGO home – Fresh Cotton

Size: 100 ml
Scent: Cotton, sweet lily, amber
Lasts: Around 8-10 weeks

A super fresh scent that is ideal for bedrooms, bathrooms and living rooms alike. Fresh cotton is a beautifully clean aroma, making your home smell as if you’ve just done a fresh load of laundry, even if you haven’t done it for a few days! The simple design of the cube-shaped glass bottle will fit nicely into any decor scheme.

The scent from this BAGO home oil diffuser should reach between 10-20 square metres in the surrounding space, so may smell stronger in smaller rooms.


Best for Longevity

The longer a reed diffuser lasts, the better value for money it is, so here are some of the longest-lasting reed diffusers to keep your home smelling yum for ages!

1. Next Collection Luxe Miami

Next Collection Luxe Miami Diffuser

Size: 400 ml
Scent: Grapefruit, peach, pineapple, mango, vanilla, amber
Lasts: Up to 20 weeks

Next have always been one of my personal favourites, as they’re not ridiculously expensive but they’re not cheap either. So you’re guaranteed a great scent and a very decent lifespan with 400 ml of oil. The Collection Luxe range features reed diffusers named after different cities or destinations, but the Miami scent is a definite favourite. 

If you like fruity, summery aromas, then you’ll love this! If we could, we’d also have Next’s Miami reed diffuser in our best for scent category too.


2. AromaWorks Serenity

Size: 200 ml
Scent: Lemongrass, geranium, neroli, lavender
Lasts: Up to 12 weeks

Looking to create a spa environment in your bedroom? Then this AromaWorks reed diffuser would be the perfect option. With soothing lavender undertones, de-stressing geranium and uplifting lemongrass, you’ll be relaxed in no time at all. AromaWorks use 100% pure essential oils, so you get great quality as well as a beautiful scent.

This may be a little more subtle, but you will notice it and it should last for at least 2-3 months.


3. Ashleigh and Burwood – Moroccan Spice

Size: 150 ml
Scent: Honey, nutmeg, bergamot, mixed spices
Lasts: Up to 12 weeks

If your go-to scents tend to be warmer and spicier, then this Moroccan Spice reed diffuser by Ashleigh and Burwood is ideal. With the “exciting aromas of a hot Moroccan souk”, you can make your home smell exotic and you’ll feel like you’re on holiday in a bustling spice market in the sun. Can we go now?!

With up to 3 months of scent, this reed diffuser will keep your home smelling delicious for an entire season.


4. Cocod’or – Lovely Peony

Size: 200 ml
Scent: Floral, magnolia, pink musk
Lasts: Up to 12 weeks

Floral fragrances are great for bringing the smell of spring and summer into your home and this Lovely Peony reed diffuser from Cocod’or does just that! With a simple clear glass bottle and chic black reeds, this diffuser is perfect for modern homes and keeping things classy. This brand is towards the higher price bracket, but the larger quantity of oil means a longer-lasting experience – more bang for your buck!

Available in more floral scents, such as lavender and rose.


Best for Budget

Reed diffusers can be a little on the pricey side when it comes to bigger name brands and quality, but there are a couple of gems that won’t break the bank. Cheaper reed diffusers don’t tend to last as long, but they can smell just as amazing!

1. Primark

Size: 30-100 ml
Scent: A selection of scents available
Lasts: Around 4-6 weeks

If you’re looking for an amazing deal on a reed diffuser, then Primark is your next stop! With mini reed diffusers for less than a quid (ideal for a small spot on your shelf) and more standard-sized ones for less than a fiver, you’ll be quids in AND have an amazing-smelling home! They have a great range of scents available so you’re sure to find something to suit your personal preferences.

Because of the smaller price tag on these reed diffusers, their longevity isn’t the greatest, but if you like to change things up frequently, then you’ll love trying new ones out.


2. Wilko

Size: 70-120 ml
Scent: A selection of scents available
Lasts: Around 4-6 weeks

Another highstreet favourite is Wilko, who not only sell big-brand named products but have their own ranges too. The reed diffusers from Wilko are perfect for sticking to a tight budget but still getting a gorgeous scent for any room in your house. They have a smaller 70 ml bottle which is simply designed to fit into any space of your home and a larger more “fancy-looking” 120 ml option.


3. AirWick – White Vanilla Bean

Size: 25 ml
Scent: White vanilla bean, coconut, white magnolia, musk
Lasts: Up to 4 weeks

Another big name in home fragrance is AirWick, with a wide range of products to keep your home smelling super welcoming and lovely. Well, they also have reed diffusers to add to their list. This white vanilla bean oil diffuser has the smaller ml content in the list and therefore isn’t the longest-lasting. However, it will keep smelling fresh for the entire time there is oil in the bottle.

AirWick reed diffusers will more than likely be found in your local supermarket and often they can be found at a discounted price.


4. Hassett Green London – Just Cherry

Size: 100 ml
Scent: Red cherry
Lasts: Up to 12 weeks

Not quite as low-cost as Primark’s reed diffusers, but still at the lower end of the price spectrum when it comes to oil diffusers. This fruity cherry option from Hassett Green London is sure to give your home a summery vibe and is perfect for those with a bit of a sweet tooth – I’m thinking cherry lips from pick and mix!

This brand has affordable reed diffusers in so many different scents, so you could try out a few to find your ultimate favourite. Mango, lemon or peach… how about a different fruit for every room?!


Alternatives to Reed Diffusers

If you have small children or pets, or you’re just too clumsy to have bottles of oil open around your house, then what other options are there when it comes to making your home smell yummy? Here are just a few ideas for you:

1. Scented Candles

A lovely candle in your favourite smell is a great way to make your house feel extra homely and welcoming. With scented candles on offer in pretty unch every supermarket and high-street shop, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Look for a local candlemaker in your area and see what they have on offer to get some really unique finds – all while supporting small businesses.

2. Essential Oil Diffusers

If you have the space for a more permanent option, an essential oil diffuser would be a great investment. They plug into your mains and slowly release vapours to fill your room with amazing scents – you choose which essential oil you’re in the mood for. These diffusers are great for creating a relaxing environment and you can set timers to keep the scent going all day in little bursts.

This essential oil diffuser from VicTsing has a good capacity but is still compact for ease of placing anywhere in your home. The colour-changing light function makes it great for displaying in the bedroom.

3. Air Fresheners

The good old-fashioned air freshener! Popping these around your home can boost the freshness big-time, but they’re not the most pretty to look at. Opt for compact designs which can perhaps be hidden behind a lamp or photo frame, so you get the benefit of the smell without having a plastic pot ruining your decor scheme.

Yankee Candle’s Fragrance Spheres are a fab option.

4. Plug-ins

A plug-in is a great way to apply instant great-smelling aromas to your home – perfect for when you have surprise guests or need to get rid of the smell of last night’s takeaway Many of these can be set to release on a timer and some even have 3 separate scents which emanate in turn, so you never get used to the smell and stop noticing it.


Get the Most Out of Your Reed Diffuser

Reed diffusers are probably the most aesthetically pleasing option for home fragrance after candles, which explains their popularity. They can also be left unattended since they don’t require heat or a flame, so make an ideal alternative to oil burners and candles.

As with anything fragranced, the scent will dissipate over time – as the oil evaporates, the bottle dries out and then you need a refill or a new reed diffuser.

So how do you ensure the longevity of your diffuser’s scent?

Here are some pointers to make your reed diffuser last even longer:

  • Avoid window sills:
    • Keep them in the shade
    • Display them away from heat sources
    • Keep them out of draughty areas
  • Don’t place them near air conditioning units
  • Put fewer reeds in the oil (this will reduce the strength of the smell slightly)
  • Take out the reeds and replace the stopper intermittently



Out of all of the reed diffusers in our list, the favourite would probably be Next Collection Luxe Miami. Their collection of 400 ml oil diffusers may be a little bit of an outgoing money-wise, but you’ll get so much longer out of the scent AND a really enjoyable, noticeable scent for the entire time it has oil in it.

If you’re on a tight budget, opt for a supermarket’s own brand, like Wilko, and use the tips above to make it last longer.