Best Washing Machines Under £300

What’s the Best Washing Machine Under £300? (2019 UK)

It can be tough to get a high-quality and reliable washing machine that has the features you want on a low budget.

The best washing machines on the market (see our top 10 here) tend to cost at least £400, but there are some good budget options under £300.

In this article we’ll look at some of the best washing machines on the market today for less than £300.

Please note, prices fluctuate so we can’t guarantee all of these washing machines will still be available for less than £300 when you read this article.

Best Washing Machines Under £300

1. Bosch Serie 2 WAB28161GB

BOSCH Serie 2 WAB28161GB

Load capacity: 6 kg
Dimensions: 84.8 cm high x 59.8 cm wide x 55 cm deep
Spin speed: 1400 rpm
Energy rating: A+++

Bosch is one of the most reliable washing machine brands, and the Serie 2 WAB28161GB is one of the few Bosch models you can get for less than £300.


  • 8 washing programmes including delicates and woollens programmes
  • ActiveWater – automatically adjusts water usage to save water
  • 24-hour start delay timer


  • Energy efficient
  • Fairly quiet
  • One of the cheapest Bosch models
  • Simple and straightforward


  • Relatively small load capacity (6 kg)
  • Cycles are all quite long (no quick-wash cycle)


With a 6 kg load capacity, this washing machine could be a good choice for a single-person household.

The Serie 2 WAB28161GB is quieter than older Bosch models, so if you’re replacing an old Bosch washing machine you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the volume.

This is a fairly basic machine, but it has all the essential features you need and should last a long time. Its biggest drawback is the lack of a quick-wash cycle.


2. Hotpoint Smart WMFUG 742G

Hotpoint WMFUG742G

Load capacity: 7 kg
Dimensions: 85 cm high x 59.5 cm wide x 51.7 cm deep
Spin speed: 1400
Energy rating: A++

The Hotpoint Smart WMFUG 742G has a good 7 kg capacity and offers a large selection of washing cycles.

Despite the ‘Smart’ in the name, it’s not connected to WiFi and can’t be controlled via your phone.


  • 16 wash programmes in total
  • 30-minute quick-wash programme
  • Woolmark-approved for washing woollens safely
  • Anti-allergy cycle approved by Allergy UK
  • Anti-stain cycle


  • Easy to use
  • Good choice of washing programmes
  • Digital display with timer


  • Lots of cycles are quite long (up to 3 hours)
  • No half-load option
  • Quite noisy


This washing machine could be a good choice for couples and small families. It’s straightforward yet versatile, with plenty of washing cycles including anti-allergy and anti-stain cycles.


3. Candy Grand’O Vita GVS168D3

Candy Grand'O Vita GVS168D3

Load capacity: 8 kg
Dimensions: 85 cm high 60 cm wide x 54 cm deep
Spin speed: 1600 rpm
Energy rating: A+++

The Candy Grand’O Vita GVS168D3 offers impressive spin speeds, a large 8 kg drum and the highest possible energy efficiency rating for a very low price.


  • Automatically adjusts settings based on washing weight to save energy & water
  • Monitor washing from your phone via the Candy simply-Fi app
  • 14, 30 and 45 minute quick-wash programmes
  • Delay timer (up to 24 hours)


  • Washing programmes can be customised
  • Good value for money
  • Relatively large drum size


  • App for monitoring washing often doesn’t work


The Candy Grand’O Vita GVS168D3 offers very good value for money considering its features and drum size.

The smartphone app usually doesn’t work very well, and needs to be touched to the washing machine to sync it up. However, it does let you create your own custom washing cycles which can be quite useful.

With an 8 kg capacity, it’s a good choice for a family of four or so.


4. Logik L612WM16

Logik L612WM16

Load capacity: 6 kg
Dimensions: 85 cm high x 59.5 cm wide x 47 cm deep
Spin speed: 1200 rpm
Energy rating: A+

This washing machine from Currys’ own brand Logik is very cheap—you should be able to get it for under £200.

It has a relatively small 6 kg capacity, so it’s better for 1-2 person households rather than large families.


  • 24-hour delay timer
  • Total of 16 washing programmes
  • 15-minute quick-wash cycle
  • Digital display shows time remaining
  • Child lock


  • Very cheap—good value for money
  • Useful 15-minute cycle


  • Relatively poor energy efficiency rating (A+)
  • Fairly slow spin speed (1200 rpm)


This washing machine offers great value for money and is a good choice if you’re looking to spend as little as possible.

The 15-minute quick-wash cycle is very handy, but unfortunately most of the other cycles are quite long (some take over 3 hours).


5. Beko WR862441W

Beko WR862441W

Load capacity: 8 kg
Dimensions: 84 cm high x 60 cm wide x 59 cm deep
Spin speed: 1600 rpm
Energy rating: A+++

The Beko WR862441W has a good-sized 8 kg drum and spin speeds up to 1600 rpm. It offers several quick-wash cycles including an Xpress Super Short cycle, which can freshen up a small load of clothes in just 14 minutes.

The machine is powered using frictionless magnets rather than brushes, which makes it relatively quiet. This makes it a good choice for open-plan homes.


  • 15 programmes in total
  • 14-minute quick-wash programme
  • Anti-allergy programme
  • 19-hour delay timer
  • Child lock


  • Useful quick-wash cycles
  • Relatively quiet (50-76 dB)
  • Good value for money


  • Some cycles take a long time


The Beko WR862441W has a good energy efficiency rating, a fairly large drum and a useful 14-minute quick-wash cycle.

The best thing about this washing machine is how quiet it is. It’s a good choice if the noise of your old washing machine got on your nerves.


Choosing a Washing Machine for Under £300

Here are some things to think about when looking for a washing machine under £300.

What load capacity do you need?

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a washing machine is the load capacity.

The load capacity refers to how much washing you can put in the machine. It’s measured in kilograms, and refers to the dry weight of clothes you put in the machine.

Here’s a quick guide to help you choose the right load capacity:

6 kg and below: Good for single-person homes

7-8 kg: Good for couples and three- or four-person families

9 kg and higher: Good for large families

If you want to wash large and bulky items, you should opt for a machine with a bigger load capacity.


If you’re looking for a cheap washing machine, you’ll usually have to make do with less reliable brands.

Some of the best brands in this price range include:

  • Beko
  • Bosch
  • Candy
  • Hotpoint
  • Indesit
  • Logik
  • Zanussi

Do you actually save money by buying a cheaper washing machine?

Buying a cheap washing machine with a short warranty and poor energy efficiency could work out more expensive than buying a pricier machine.

It’s worth taking a close look at the warranty length and annual energy and water usage before buying to make sure the washing machine is really as good a deal as it seems.



If we had to pick just one washing machine under £300 to recommend it would be the Bosch Serie 2 WAB28161GB. It’s one of the best budget washers on the market in 2019, and is made by a reliable brand.

However, the Bosch Serie 2 WAB28161GB has quite a small load capacity (6 kg). If you need something bigger, check out the Candy Grand’O Vita GVS168D3, which has an 8 kg capacity as well as good spin speeds and several quick-wash cycles.

For some more options to consider, see our list of the top 10 best washing machines available in the UK.