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How to Clean a Washing Machine with Soda Crystals

A washing machine can be a haven for bacteria and mould if you often use it on a cooler wash setting, and excess detergent can build up inside the drawer, drum and even the pipework of your machine.

This muck and clag can affect how effective the machine is at cleaning your clothes – badly washed clothes are often a sign that you need to clean your washing machine.

There are a few ways to solve this problem, including buying specific washing machine cleaning products. A cheaper option is to try soda crystals – you might have these around the house for other cleaning jobs anyway, but if not, they’re super easy to get hold of.

Soda crystals are perfect for removing grease, grime and softening water and are therefore a great option for cleaning your washing machine and other white goods around the home.

How to Clean a Washing Machine with Soda Crystals

Every time your washing machine begins to get a bit smelly you can add soda crystals to your detergent drawer and put it on a hot and empty wash.

This will help to kill bacteria and remove any built-up grime that has accumulated there over time. You could do this or every four to six weeks to make sure your washing machine is as clean as a whistle.

You should use around 500 g of soda crystals for the best results to leave your washing machine looking cleaner and smelling fresher.

You can combine the use of soda crystals with other household cleaners like white vinegar, which when added to the drum before a hot wash, will remove any excess limescale and leave it sparkling clean. You can also scrub the drum and doorway with the white vinegar for the best results.

This video shows you exactly how to clean your washing machine using soda crystals and white vinegar:

Clean a washing machine with soda crystals and Zoflora

If you want to, you can get a lovely smelling, clean washing machine with soda crystals and Zoflora. Just add 1 capful of your favourite Zoflora scent to the drum with the crystals and set the machine away on a hot wash cycle.


Does soda crystals get rid of smells?

Soda crystals can be used to clean away the things that create smells, such as mould or grime, but they aren’t normally used in the same odour-absorbing way as bicarbonate of soda.

As an example, if you want to absorb the smells in the fridge, place a small open container of bicarbonate of soda in there. Soda crystals would not necessarily work in the same way, but if you want to do some experimenting, you could give it a try (comment below if you find that this works).

Using soda crystals with white vinegar gives you double the chance of getting rid of bad smells – especially when cleaning your washing machine.


How do I Clean My Washing Machine with Caustic Soda?

When researching soda crystals and baking/bicarbonate soda, you may have come across caustic soda. This is not recommended to use for cleaning unless you know what you’re doing and you have the necessary precautions and tools at your disposal.

Caustic soda is also known as lye or sodium hydroxide and is a highly corrosive inorganic compound. When it comes to safety in your household, we would highly condemn the use of this substance altogether! When natural cleaning options are readily and cheaply available, there really is no need to go out of your way to clean your washing machine. Stick with the soda crystals or bicarbonate of soda when carrying out your household cleaning chores.


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