gloss paint on glass

How to Get Gloss Paint Off Glass

Repainting a wall is an easy way to completely change up the aesthetic of a room. Whilst plenty of people choose to get a decorator in, some of us opt for the DIY approach. 

Unfortunately, it’s pretty inevitable that you’ll go out of the lines at some point, and when you do, you need to know how to clean up! 

Follow these steps to remove gloss paint from glass and you’ll be able to get the professional finish you’re after!

materials in removing gloss paint in glass

You will need:


Step One: Mix Your Cleaning Solution

window gloss paint cleaning solution

Mix hot water and washing up liquid (or white vinegar – 3 tbsp of vinegar and 3 tbsp water) in a bucket and leave to cool off slightly. Spread a towel underneath the window that you’re about to clean. 


Step Two: Gently Rub the Stain

Once the water has cooled off (it should be warm still – just not burning hot!), dip the clean cloth in the bucket and use it to gently rub the stain in a circular motion. 


Step Three: Rub More Vigorously

rub window paint stain vigorously

After the stain has been covered in soapy water, you can start to rub the cloth into the paint stain slightly more vigorously. Be careful not to push too hard though – glass is obviously very delicate so better to take it steady! 


Step Four: Optionally Use a Razor Blade or Knife

If the stain is reluctant to budge, use a razor blade or blunt knife to chip away at it. Do this by covering the paint in soapy water before getting to work! 

The blade should be pointed at a 45-degree angle in order to get the best purchase possible on the stain. 

Always work in one direction only. If you go from bottom of the stain to the top, lift the blade off the glass at the top then start from the bottom again. 

If the glass starts to dry off whilst you’re doing this, reapply the soapy solution before continuing to use the razor blade.


Step Five: Rub More if Needed

Repeat step 3 to continue removing the stain.


Step Six: Spray with Glass Cleaner

glass cleaner and squeegee

Finish by spraying window/glass cleaner onto the glass and wiping down with a squeegee.

Paint on glass might be a little bit of a faff to clean, but don’t panic – follow these simple steps and no one will ever know! Good luck!