Stain on white lacquer drawers

How to Remove Stains From White Lacquer Furniture

It can be a total pain when you manage to mark any of your furniture, and some surfaces are more difficult than others to remove stains from.

Lacquered tables and other painted furniture can be some of the most awkward things to clean, especially if they are white or light coloured.

Here are some of the best methods to try for removing stains from white lacquered furniture.


Check the Manufacturer’s Advice

If you know the furniture manufacturer contact details then it would be a great start to contact them to ask for cleaning advice before trying any of the below methods. After all, you don’t want to ruin your furniture further!


Use Mild Detergent

If you didn’t manage to catch the staining culprit to mop it up, then try a small amount of mild detergent or washing up liquid on a damp cloth and wipe the affected area.

Dry the surface thoroughly straight after cleaning to avoid leaving behind any moisture or residue.

A disinfectant cleaning spray such as Dettol may work wonders on a stain and will not be abrasive to the surface unless you scrub too hard or use a rough cloth. This may be a better option for a lesser stain.


Acetone or Bleach (Don’t Combine Them)

bottle of acetone

You might have to resort to stronger stuff such as acetone (nail varnish remover) or bleach, but you must be so careful when using these methods.

Don’t combine bleach with acetone, as they will react to produce chloroform.

The lacquered surface could be damaged by bleach or acetone, so it is always best to try them out on an area that isn’t seen, just in case anything does go awry.

Start by applying a diluted consistency (acetone/bleach + water) with a damp cloth, and if you can see no damage or negative effects, try decreasing the dilution until you see a good, stain-removing result. Be specific with the application of acetone as it is strong stuff!

Some more suggestions include peroxide or a cleaning agent such as Vanish Oxi Action Spray, but do read the labels of your cleaning supplies as they could contain ingredients that could do more harm than good to the furniture’s surface.

Alcohol is also another option for cleaning a stained piece of white lacquered furniture; again, start with a diluted solution and then up the alcohol content for better results.

Always wipe the surface clean afterwards to ensure no residue or moisture is left behind.


Magic Erasers

magic eraser

As a last resort, you can try using a magic eraser such as the JML Doktor Power Magic Eraser. Magic erasers are actually very fine sandpaper of sorts, so they could create a dull area on your lacquered surface. However, if you would prefer that to a lovely red wine or tomato patch, then give it a shot!

If none of the options above work, it may be time to opt for a complete repaint of the affected surface. If that isn’t an option, think about whether the stain can be covered in some way. Perhaps a tablecloth or some sort of ornament can be placed over the stain.


Natural Cleaners

If you don’t like to use chemical cleaners in your home, then you could opt for the age-old method of using bicarbonate of soda and white vinegar.

Use 2 parts bicarb and 1 part vinegar to create a paste. Apply this paste to the stained area and leave it sitting for 5-10 minutes.



Prevent Future Mishaps

Of course, if you see anything drip or scuff against your white lacquer furniture, try to catch it before it sets in. Wipe up food or drinks immediately to help prevent the colour setting and creating a tough stain.

You can also protect your lacquer furniture with wax. This helps the surface to resist stains, which is perfect!

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