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Weekly Cleaning Schedule Ideas for Your Home

Cleaning your home can seem a daunting task, taking up a lot of time and energy.

Or perhaps you’ve noticed dirt or mould accumulating in areas that have been left forgotten and need a new cleaning schedule to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

Streamlining your cleaning processes can dramatically reduce the time it takes and make your chores more manageable.

If you’re unsure where to start, you’re not alone!

This is why we’ve written these weekly cleaning schedule ideas and other cleaning tips.

Use this article to help make your home clean and tidy without the added stress, worry, or forgotten areas.


What Is a Good Weekly Cleaning Schedule?

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The secret to successfully keeping your home clean and organised is to break down your cleaning tasks into bitesize chunks.

It is better to clean a little every day than leave all your chores until the weekend. Completing daily chores makes the job more manageable, and you’ll be more likely to avoid procrastination, overwhelm, and stress.

A great rule of thumb is to clean one room daily or complete a specific task each day of the week. Below are two weekly cleaning schedule ideas based on these rules.

You can shuffle the days around or add tasks as needed. It’s your cleaning schedule, so make it right for you!


One Room Per Day Cleaning Schedule

Monday – Bedrooms:

cleaning bedroom

  1. Strip the beds and wash the bedding
  2. Dust all bedroom surfaces, objects, and lamp shades
  3. Vacuum the mattress, window vents, skirting boards, and floors
  4. Mop the floors if required
  5. Clean the bedroom mirrors and windows
  6. Make the bed with fresh bedsheets


Tuesday – Bathrooms: 

  1. Put all towels and bath mats into the wash
  2. Clean the toilet, sink, bath, and shower basin
  3. Clean the mirrors, windows, and shower glass
  4. Wipe down all the tiles and cabinets
  5. Vacuum and mop the floors
  6. Put out fresh towels and bathmats


Wednesday – Stairs, landing & hallway:

vacuuming stairs

  1. Dust all picture frames and ornaments
  2. Dust the light shades and window ledges
  3. Wipe and polish the bannisters
  4. Vacuum the skirting boards, floors, and stairs


Thursday – Living room:

  1. Remove all cushion covers and wash
  2. Dust all cabinets, TV stands, window ledges, and other surfaces
  3. Dust all pictures, ornaments, and the television
  4. Dust the lamp shades and light fixings
  5. Polish any wooden surfaces or tables
  6. Vacuum the skirting boards and floors
  7. Put on clean cushion covers and plump cushions


Friday – Kitchen:

cleaning kitchen

  1. Put all pots, pans, plates, and glasses away
  2. Empty and clean the kitchen bins
  3. Wipe down the kitchen worktops, tiles, and cabinets
  4. Clean the hob and wipe down the oven
  5. Clean the microwave and other small appliances
  6. Scrub the kitchen sink
  7. Vacuum and mop the floors


Saturday – Dining room:

  1. Wash the table cloth, if you use one
  2. Wipe down the dining room table and chairs
  3. Clean all table placements and coasters
  4. Dust the window ledges and any home accessories
  5. Vacuum and mop the floors


Sunday – Other tasks:

cleaning window

  1. Complete any monthly tasks that need doing, such as cleaning the windows, vacuuming behind appliances, or wiping down blinds
  2. Check household cleaning supplies and food stocks
  3. Write a shopping list and do a grocery shop
  4. Mow the lawn, water the plants, and weed the garden
  5. Clean pet cages or fish tanks, if applicable


One Task Per Day Cleaning Schedule

Monday – Dusting & polishing:

  1. Dust all picture frames and ornaments
  2. Dust all lamp shades and light fixings
  3. Dust all window ledges and window vents
  4. Dust all tables, bookshelves, and ledges
  5. Dust televisions and mirrors
  6. Polish and wooden surfaces
  7. Dust and polish stairway bannisters


Tuesday – Vacuuming & mopping:

Vacuuming & mopping

  1. Vacuum all skirting boards in your home
  2. Hoover all floors and rugs
  3. Vacuum mattresses in the bedroom
  4. Hoover under one large appliance per week
  5. Mop all hard floors in your home


Wednesday – Cleaning bathrooms:

  1. Clean the toilet, sink, and shower basin
  2. Clean the bathroom mirrors and shower glass
  3. Wipe down all tiles and cabinets


Thursday – Laundry:

loads of laundry

  1. Wash all bedsheets and replace with fresh linen
  2. Wash the cushion covers from your living room
  3. Wash all towels and bath mats and replace with clean ones
  4. Wash the table cloth, if you use one


Friday – Cleaning the kitchen:

  1. Put all dishes, pots, and pans back in their cupboards
  2. Wipe and sanitise all kitchen counters and cabinets
  3. Clean the hob and inside/outside of the oven
  4. Clean the microwave and other small appliances
  5. Scrub the kitchen sink


Saturday – Shopping & organising:

shopping cleaning supplies

  1. Check household cleaning supplies and food stocks
  2. Plan your meals for the week ahead
  3. Write a shopping list and do a weekly grocery shop


Sunday – Miscellaneous tasks:

  1. Clean any pet cages or fish tanks
  2. Empty and clean all kitchen and bathrooms bins
  3. General tidying of clutter in your home
  4. Mow the lawn, water the plants, and weed the garden


How To Write a Weekly Cleaning Schedule

weekly cleaning schedule

The above two weekly cleaning schedule ideas are just that – they’re ideas! Feel free to adapt and amend these schedules to fit your preferences and other responsibilities.

Perhaps you don’t want to clean on Sundays, for example. Or maybe you live in a large five-bedroom home, and cleaning all of these rooms on Monday would be challenging.

Adapt and find a routine that works for you!

Below are some things to consider to help you find (and stick to) your weekly cleaning schedule:

  • Consider your current work and social commitments and schedule chores accordingly
  • Prioritise the most urgent jobs first so if you run out of time for them all, it matters less
  • Think about the chores relevant to your home – perhaps you have pets to look after, a garden to maintain, and other non-standard requirements
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help if your cleaning responsibilities are too much
  • Stick to your cleaning schedule and don’t over-commit as this can lead to burnout