Best Dishwashers Under £300

There are loads of dishwashers for under £300, which is great for people on a budget. However, with so much choice, it can really feel quite daunting to choose one. You want to know that you’re making the right choice, and this article is here to help. The dishwashers below prove that you can get an excellent dishwasher for under £300 without the daunting feeling that you made the wrong decision.

We’ve researched the market and picked out 5 of the top rated and most highly regarded dishwashers available for less than £300. We think these are some of the best budget dishwashers you can get in 2017.

Please note, prices can fluctuate so we can’t guarantee all of these models will be available for under £300 when you read this article.

1. Bosch SMS40C32GB ActiveWater 12 Place A+ Freestanding Dishwasher

This Bosch freestanding dishwasher has an A rating in just about all of the categories that matter when it comes to dishwashers. It’s quiet, has an A+ energy rating, A-rated washing and drying performance and a 2-year warranty thrown in for good measure.

This dishwasher is chock full of technology to ensure a great clean on stubborn grime and even glass, so you can get the most of the machine every time you use it.

Features and specifications

  • Energy class A+
  • 50dB noise level
  • 12 place settings
  • Annual water consumption 3300 litres
  • Glass protection system


  • Lots of washing and drying
  • Quiet
  • Easy loading
  • Simple to use


  • Not much choice of wash cycles
  • Eco cycle time is long and doesn’t always clean as well as the other cycles


Overall, this is a great dishwasher with a few minor drawbacks to take into consideration. The eco cycle does leave a few bits of stuck on food on plates from time to time and takes around 3 and a half hours to complete. However, this is an issue across the board as it is an EU standard so it certainly shouldn’t put you off this dishwasher. There also aren’t many washing cycles to choose from, but this does make it an easier machine to use.

The washing power on settings other than eco is exceptional as is the drying power. Loading is very easy, although they have removed the shelf for larger knives found in the older version. All in all, the Bosch SMS40C32GB is an excellent dishwasher and seriously great value for money.

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2. Beko DFN28R21W Standard Dishwasher

Beko DFN28R21W Standard Dishwasher

This sleek and stylish full-size dishwasher comes packed full of technology that does a lot of hard work for you. It has eight programmes to choose from with six wash temperatures, so it is one of the more versatile dishwashers on this list. It’s also one of the largest with 13 place settings, making it perfect for family-sized piles of dishes.

Features and specifications

  • A++ energy rating
  • 8 programmes
  • 43 dB noise level
  • 10-year guarantee


  • Washes 151 pieces at a time
  • Folding plate slots
  • Bags of technology


  • Cutlery tray in top can be restricting
  • Programme descriptions are confusing


Being able to wash 151 pieces at a time is very impressive, but this can involve a rather scary game of Tetris, particularly when you have the top cutlery tray installed. There are plenty of ways that you can customise the inside of this machine; most of the areas are removable or changeable, including the folding plate slots which allow for pans and bigger plates.

The technology in the machine is superb. Features like SteamGloss provide extra drying times at the end of the cycle to ensure a shinier finish to glasses and plates. However, it must be said that finding the right programme for the load is tricky and the instructions are not that helpful all the time.

Overall, this is a great dishwasher, if you have an understanding of dishwashers already. Otherwise it can seem overcomplicated.

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3. Baumatic BDIF631 Fully Integrated Standard Dishwasher

Baumatic BDIF631 Fully Integrated Standard Dishwasher

This Baumatic dishwasher is a great size for a medium-sized household. It is one of the bestselling dishwashers thanks to incredible features that it comes with, and is highly regarded by users. It is simply staggering that they have crammed so much into this machine for such a small price!

Features and specifications

  • 13 place settings
  • A+ energy rating
  • 53 dB noise level
  • 10 programmes


  • Simple to use
  • Good build quality
  • Easy to install
  • Great value for money


  • Not the quietest
  • Cutlery compartment hard to access
  • No low salt indicator


This isn’t the quietest machine on this list, but at only 53dB, you would have to be quite close to it for that to be an issue. The one design flaw that could be annoying for some is that the cutlery compartment is at the back. This may make it awkward for loading and unloading, but once you’ve figured out a system, you’ll probably not notice it. There is also no salt indicator which can be quite frustrating as you’ll need to manually check this from time to time.

The excellent build quality, great value for money and ease of use certainly out way the negative points of this dishwasher. The easy install is also really handy if you want to install it yourself. Overall, it was quite difficult to find anything bad about this machine. The good certainly outweighs the bad of this dishwasher.

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4. Candy CDPE6350 15-Place Full-Size Dishwasher

Candy CDPE6350

The Candy Dishwasher is the biggest on this list with a massive 15 place setting interior. If you’re a family household, this is probably the best dishwasher on the list for you. The ten programmes on the dishwasher make it very versatile. Glass, heavily dirty pans and plates can all enjoy a thorough cleaning in this dishwasher. It’s also quite simple to use and lovely and quiet too.

Features and specifications

  • A+ energy rating
  • 15 place settings
  • 10 programmes
  • Self-cleaning filters
  • 1-year labour and 10-year part warranty


  • Great value for money
  • Huge capacity
  • Easy to use
  • Simple instructions for install and how to use


  • Small cutlery compartment
  • Can be tricky to load
  • Drying performance is slightly disappointing


The massive space inside this dishwasher will appeal to most big families, and you won’t be disappointed with this space. For the money, it is one of the largest dishwashers on the market. It is also really simple to use, and with ten programmes this is rare!

Even though there is plenty of space in this machine, the cutlery compartment is a little small. You may also find the machine a little tricky to load at first, but you’ll most likely get used to this over time. The drying performance does let this machine down slightly, but it is certainly not bad enough to miss out on such a great value machine as this!

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5. Beko DIS15010 Fully Integrated Slimline Dishwasher

Beko DIS15010 Fully Integrated Slimline Dishwasher

This is a slimline dishwasher with a ten place setting capacity great for small homes. It is as powerful as the bigger dishwashers on this list but has a little bit of a smaller space inside. For a couple or small family, this will provide all of the cleaning power and space you could possibly need.

Features and specifications

  • A+ energy rating
  • 5 programmes
  • Slimline
  • Ten place settings
  • Automatic wash water temperature selection


  • Performs well on most programmes
  • Easy to use
  • Salt warning light
  • Quiet
  • Great for small kitchens


  • Tricky to load
  • Cutlery drawer
  • Install instructions are difficult to understand


Overall, this Beko dishwasher is superb. The energy rating is great, it’s easy to use and has plenty of programmes that actually do the job they are supposed to. It is a top-notch machine and great value for money at under £300.

Due to the size, it can be a little tricky to load, and the cutlery drawer isn’t the best. The installation instructions also aren’t the easiest to follow, but if you’ve had a dishwasher before, this shouldn’t pose too much of an issue. Overall, this is a great machine for a small family with a small kitchen.

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Choosing a dishwasher

What size dishwasher can you buy for under £300?

Buying the biggest dishwasher you can for your budget makes a lot of sense. It is far more economical to run a big dishwasher once than it is to run a smaller one twice. The smallest dishwasher reviewed above has 10 place settings. The largest has 15.

All of these dishwashers are considered to be on the bigger side of the place setting scale, and all of them are under £300. There are smaller dishwashers available for under £300. But for the economic cost of running them, a bigger dishwasher makes more sense, if you have the space.

What are some good budget dishwasher brands?

Some of the best budget dishwasher brands to look out for include:

Which kind of dishwasher should I choose – integrated or freestanding?

This really comes down to personal opinion, like many things in the household. To understand what we are talking about, let’s see what the differences of each machine is first.


A freestanding dishwasher can’t have a door matching your cupboard doors fitted to it. They simply look like a dishwasher and don’t pretend to be a cupboard. This makes them slightly easier to install because you can miss out the last step of the install. However, they are typically deeper than integrated ones meaning they stick out into the room a little more.


Integrated dishwashers can have a door fitted to them, so they look like a cupboard. They can be raised up to the height of your counter, and then a door is fitted to make them look a little prettier. The installation can be a little trickier with integrated dishwashers, but they don’t stick out into the room as much. They also provide a slightly more finished look to your kitchen.

Freestanding vs. Integrated

So, which one should you buy? Well, freestanding machines are typically easier to install, fix, replace etc. but the integrated ones look a little better. So if you are wanting a really nice looking kitchen, an integrated one is probably the one to go for, but they are usually a little more expensive.

If you don’t mind the look of a dishwasher, fancy saving a little bit of money and having a better time installing it, a freestanding model would suit you best.


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