Replace an Integrated Dishwasher with Freestanding

Can You Replace an Integrated Dishwasher with a Freestanding One?

If your integrated dishwasher has broken, or you just fancy a change, can you replace it with a freestanding dishwasher? Or is this a right pain that everyone should avoid?

Well, replacing an integrated dishwasher with a freestanding one is what we are looking at today.


Replacing an Integrated Dishwasher with a Freestanding One

You can use a freestanding dishwasher to replace an integrated dishwasher. In fact, it is really easy to change an integrated dishwasher for a freestanding one.

You need to remove the kickboard from the current dishwasher and the faux cabinet door. You can then remove the integrated dishwasher and replace it with a freestanding model.

The plumbing for each dishwasher is exactly the same, so hooking them up and getting them working again isn’t an issue.

The only issue you may run into when replacing an integrated dishwasher is the kickboard. In some cases, you may need to cut the kickboard out if it is connected to the kickboards underneath your cabinets.

Other than that, though, the replacement should go smoothly. Just remember that by replacing your dishwasher with a freestanding one, you are changing one of the design elements of your kitchen, as you will be removing the faux cabinet door forever.

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Can You Replace a Freestanding Dishwasher with an Integrated One?

The same principle as above applies here. You can swap a freestanding dishwasher for an integrated one, but there are a few issues in doing so.

The plumbing is the same. The issues come with getting the right faux cupboard door, kickboard and any other trim you need to complete the look.

If your kitchen is a few years old, it can be very tricky to source what you need to blend an integrated dishwasher into your kitchen.

If you are having a new kitchen installed, for example, and have just got a new freestanding dishwasher but plan on replacing it in the future with an integrated one.

It is best to get everything you need for that integrated dishwasher now. Let the kitchen fitting company know your intentions for the future, and they can provide the cabinet door, kickboard and anything else you’ll need.

That way, in a few years’ time, when you are ready to upgrade your current dishwasher, you have the option of having an integrated one and none of the headache of trying to source spare kitchen components from a discontinued kitchen.


What’s the Difference Between an Integrated Dishwasher and a Freestanding One?

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A freestanding dishwasher has an exposed door, and the control panel is set into this door. This door could be metal, plastic and a variety of colours.

An integrated dishwasher is made to look like the rest of your kitchen. So, it has a kickboard just like your cabinets and a fake cabinet door complete with the door handle. The controls for an integrated dishwasher are located on a top panel inside the door.

While an integrated dishwasher looks as though it is fitted into the cabinet, most of the time, they sit on the floor. This helps keeps them stable during use and also means that replacing them with another dishwasher (whether freestanding or integrated) is easier.

The plumbing parts of both types are exactly the same. And more often than not, if you look at a freestanding model and an integrated model from the same dishwasher manufacturer and around the same price bracket, the modes and features are the same.

So, the only difference between these dishwashers is that one blends in with your cabinets, and one doesn’t.

We hope this look at integrated dishwashers and replacing one with a freestanding model has been helpful. If you’re looking at replacing your dishwasher, you are certainly in the right place.

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