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Can You Put a Freestanding Washing Machine in an Integrated Space?

Maybe your integrated washing machine has broken down, and you’d like to replace it with a freestanding one.

You’re likely wondering whether this is possible.

Can you swap an integrated washing machine for a freestanding one, or will the world go absolutely crazy?


Installing a Freestanding Washing Machine in an Integrated Space

washing machine in the kitchen

Yes, you can install a freestanding washing machine where an integrated washing machine once lived.

You can remove the integrated washing machine, plumb in your new freestanding model and slide it into place. Most companies even have installation offers on their websites to help you with this.

However, there are some considerations to make if you do want to put a freestanding washing machine into an integrated space.

A freestanding washing machine should have plenty of clearance around it. We’d recommend at least 25 mm on all sides, 150 mm clearance at the back of the machine, and about 50 mm of clearance on the front of the machine.

This will ensure the motor of your washing machine will stay cool during use and won’t overheat.

So, before buying your new freestanding washing machine, it is worth measuring how much clearance it will have in the space.

Integrated washing machines also need a certain amount of clearance, so it is likely to be fine, but it is still worth checking just in case the model you’re buying is slightly larger than the one you have now.


Can You Hide a Freestanding Washing Machine?

man installing washing machine

If you would like to hide a freestanding washing machine, you’ll need a custom-made kitchen unit.

Integrated washing machines, as I’m sure you know, have connection points for the hinges built into the machine itself.

Freestanding machines don’t have these, though. And due to the clearance issues mentioned above, the kitchen cabinet you have right now likely won’t have enough room for the machine and the hinges.

While you can certainly hide a freestanding washing machine, it will involve a spot of DIY or hiring someone to build a new kitchen cabinet for you. So, it’s worth factoring this into the cost of the washing machine and its installation.

We hope this look at fitting freestanding washing machines into the space for an integrated one has been helpful.

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