What Does Dishwasher Salt Do?

If you are considering investing in a dishwasher to save you some time after dinner, then you will also need to buy dishwasher salt to ensure it continues to work properly. By breaking down limescale in your dishwasher, dishwasher salt helps keep your dishes squeaky clean. It is especially necessary to use in hard water areas where the water contains more calcium and magnesium that builds up in your dishwasher’s pipes to form limescale.

Why Should You Use Dishwasher Salt?

You will notice that your washed items come out streaky or become cloudy due to a buildup of limescale if you don’t top up the dishwasher salt regularly as well as causing problems for the dishwasher itself. As these white goods are expensive, you want to make sure that you take the best care of it so that it lasts as long as possible and saves you time instead of having to do the washing up.

How Does It Work?

Dishwasher salt works by breaking down the ions in limescale to soften the water as it runs through you dishwasher. Usually your dishwasher will contain an ionic exchange unit which will help with limescale to a certain extent, but is helped massively by the use of dishwasher salt as well.

Which Salt Should You Use?

The salt used in your dishwasher is sodium chloride which, with its large grains, keeps the softener unit clear. It is important that you use the proper salt as others, such as table salt, can do damage to your dishwasher and even cause corrosion in the pipes of your dishwasher.

You don’t need to worry about struggling to source this specific salt as it is widely available in supermarkets and other shops for household items and is usually quite cheap, meaning you can buy a kilogram or two for a couple of pounds.

How and When Should You Use Dishwasher Salt?

The salt is usually added to your dishwasher through a compartment located on the bottom of your dishwasher. You will be able to find its exact location in the user manual for your specific dishwasher.

By removing the screw-on lid, you simply need to poor a decent amount of dishwasher salt into this compartment so that when you switch on your dishwasher, there is no light flashing to signal that the dishwasher needs more salt.

Exactly how much salt you will need to use and how often you need to refill this compartment will depend on the hardness of your water, how often you use it and the make of dishwasher itself. When you turn it on, a light on the front will indicate if more salt is needed or not.


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