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Is it Bad Luck to Do the Washing on Easter Sunday?

Some of you will be spending the Easter holidays with family and friends hunting down Easter eggs.

And then there’ll be some of you that are looking forward to clearing that massive pile of laundry you’ve had growing in the wash basket over the long weekend.

It sounds like a great time to do the washing… you’ve got a few days off and the weather should be fine.

But then good ol’ Granny comes around for a cuppa and tells you that it’s bad luck to wash on Easter Sunday, and your plan gets scrapped!

But is this superstition all a load of nonsense or is there actually something behind this peculiar myth?

It’s your choice to believe or not to believe this old wives’ tale.

If you want to do your washing because it’s the only time you have available, it’s your choice, but if you want to sit and eat chocolate eggs all day long, you can do that too!


Where Did This Superstition Come From?

Sadly, it’s a little difficult to pinpoint exactly when this superstition was created or who actually came up with it. But here’s some food for thought that you can ponder over.

One of the likeliest explanations is that years, and years ago people were told not to wash clothes on Good Friday.

And over the years, it’s likely that individuals started to believe that you shouldn’t wash clothes on any other Easter-related days too.

The original story probably expanded and became exaggerated over time, and this resulted in people assuming that you shouldn’t wash on Easter Sunday. 


What’ll Happen if You Wash Clothes on Easter Sunday?

According to legend, you should stay away from doing any kind of chore on Good Friday because it’ll bring you bad luck for the rest of the year.

If you believe that this myth is true for all other Easter-related days, then doing the laundry on Easter Sunday will bring you great misfortune.

It’s not always clear what this rotten luck will be, but the threat of bad luck has been strong enough to stop people from cleaning on Easter Sunday for years.

But I’ll let you decide for yourself if you’d like to take the risk or not.


What Other Superstitions Should You Look Out for Over Easter?

The Easter period is filled with quite a few superstitions that you can choose to believe or not. Some of them are completely daft and others make some sort of sense!

Enjoy learning about some of them below.

It is said that if a child is born on Good Friday and they are baptised on Easter Sunday, then they will have healing powers.

You can make what you like of this one, although, this little story might be hinting that the child will grow up to be a doctor or a vet in the future!

Other legends state that fishermen should not dare to set out to catch fish on Good Friday.

Baked goods that are made on a Good Friday will not go off, and apparently, they’ll last a very long time. This includes the beloved hot cross bun.

The myth goes on to state that a hot cross bun made on Good Friday will last for an entire year without a single piece of mould forming on it – sounds a bit yucky to me!

In addition to these peculiar tales, if your child is born on Easter Sunday itself, then they will be extremely lucky for all of their life.

And, finally, you should always wear a new item of clothing on Easter Sunday because you’ll have good luck. It was tradition many moons ago for women to wear a new dress and for men to put on a new suit.

When Is it Bad Luck to Wash Clothes


What Other Days Is it Bad Luck to Wash Clothes On?

Believe it or not, Good Friday and Easter Sunday are just two days out of a long list of days that you shouldn’t do laundry on, or any other chores for that matter, according to different tales and superstitions!