Can You Tumble Dry Socks

Can You Tumble Dry Socks?

Socks not only protect your feet but are also a way to express yourself.

If you’re new to tumble dryers or doing the laundry in general, you may be wondering whether or not you can tumble dry socks.

It all depends on what they are made from.

The laundry list (no pun intended) of materials used to make socks is daunting. Socks aren’t just made of wool or cotton anymore. There are many materials that are used today to make socks that are comfortable, absorbent, and environmentally friendly.

Cotton Socks

Can you tumble dry them? Yes

Most socks are still made of cotton. Cotton socks are popular for a reason. Besides being a natural material, the cotton fabric absorbs moisture, is long-lasting and soft.

Cotton socks can be put in the dryer, but be sure to exercise caution. If your socks are not marked as preshrunk, it’s wise to skip the dryer and let them air dry. You wouldn’t want your socks to be diminished to child size.


Cotton Blend Socks

Can you tumble dry them? Yes

Cotton blends: Cotton is often combined with synthetic blends like lycra to reduce shrinking, maintain elasticity and wick away perspiration. Socks made from cotton blends can be tossed in the dryer, but keep the temperature cool and the timing low.


Acrylic Socks

Can you tumble dry them? Yes

Socks made of acrylic are lightweight and warm. They can be washed and machine dried. A cool setting is recommended.


Wool Socks

Can you tumble dry them? No

Wool Socks

Luxury wools like cashmere and angora make for soft socks that feel good on your feet. They require special care, which means hand washing. They should never be put in the dryer but laid out flat to dry.


Bamboo Socks

Can you tumble dry them? Yes, but it’s best not to

This is another natural fibre that offers soft comfort and is an environmentally friendly option.

Bamboo offers better moisture protection than cotton and can be machine dried, although air drying is often recommended. If you opt for a machine dry, just be sure to use a low tumble setting.


Polyester Socks

Can you tumble dry them? Yes

Less absorbent than natural fibres, polyester makes socks colorfast. You can put socks made of polyester in the dryer, but please use a low-temperature setting


Other Sock Drying Considerations

Socks with embossing are best left to air dry as some imprinting may melt in the dryer.

Caring for your clothing as well as the environment is a noteworthy issue to keep in mind today.

Air Drying Socks

If you want to help preserve your socks and the environment, then by all means air dry your socks whenever possible, whether indoors or outdoors.

Outdoors you may use a clothesline. Indoors, you may use a rack or blot your socks then lay them flat on a towel.



To summarise, yes, you can tumble dry almost all types of socks except those made from wool. Be sure to check the manufacturer’s care instructions.

When in doubt, hang socks to dry or lay them flat on a towel. The more expensive the sock, the more you will want to take this gentle approach.

Taking care of your clothing, even lowly socks, will preserve their lifespan and provide you with years of service and enjoyment.