Eyelet curtains in washing machine

Can You Put Eyelet Curtains in the Washing Machine?

Cleaning curtains is very easy to overlook, but keeping them fresh can have a big impact on their appearance. Plus, a stinky curtain can make your room smell musty.

Of course, dealing with large bits of fabric isn’t very easy. Putting them in the washing machine is the most convenient option, provided you can. Let’s take a closer look at whether this is possible.


Can You Put Eyelet Curtains in the Washing Machine?

You can put eyelet curtains in the washing machine, provided you’ve removed any hooks, pins or rings. Grommets are fine, as they shouldn’t come loose and cause damage.

Be sure to wash your curtains on a cool and delicate cycle with a slower spin setting.

However, you’ll need to check whether you can actually wash the curtains first! This can depend on the fabric, the weave, or various other factors.

For example, you won’t want to machine-wash linen curtains, as they’re quite delicate.

You also won’t be able to wash “dry-clean only” curtains for obvious reasons.


How Do You Wash Sheer Eyelet Curtains?

You should be able to put sheer curtains in the washing machine if they’re made of polyester or a similar material.

Keep the temperature to 30 degrees Celsius or below, and only use a mild washing detergent and a gentle spin cycle.

If they’re very dirty, soak them in a bathtub for 20 minutes or so first.

Most net curtains will be handwash only, as the spinning of the washing machine can rip the fabric pretty easily.


How Do You Wash Curtains Without Ruining Them?

The easiest way to wash curtains without ruining them is to wash them by hand. Unsurprisingly, it’s easiest to do this in a bathtub, as this will allow you to keep the curtains as flat as possible.

You might find that washing curtains in a machine will leave them creased, and it can be difficult to get them flat again.

To wash by hand, run enough warm water to submerge the curtain and add a bit of laundry detergent.

Lay the curtain down, folded so it lies flat in the bath. Swish it around a bit, remove it, re-fold, and then repeat.

Rinse it with some clean water. To dry the curtains, roll them in a towel to press out water without creasing them. Then, if they’re not too heavy, use some trouser hangers to hang them from a shower curtain rail.


Cleaning “Dry-Clean Only” Curtains

You can clean “dry-clean only” curtains at home if they just need freshening up.

Wipe them down with a chamois leather cloth. The cloth should be wet but wrung out as much as possible so there’s no excess water.

Wipe the cloth along the fabric to lift dust, and spray with some diluted vinegar onto the curtain to remove odours.


Final Thoughts

Putting eyelet curtains in the washing machine should be fine, depending on the material.

Washing them by hand instead of in the machine minimises the risk of creases and folds, which are a challenge to get out.

It’s obviously up to you to decide whether the convenience of machine washing is worth the potential creases!