Can You Mix Zoflora with Fabric Conditioner

Can You Mix Zoflora with Fabric Conditioner?

Zoflora is an incredibly beneficial product to keep in your house as it has so many varied uses. It can be used in every room of your house and on almost any surface, including mixed with fabric conditioner in your washing machine.

Zoflora is well-known for its ability to kill bacteria and germs on household surfaces while also leaving a pleasant smell in its wake. It comes in up to 22 different fragrances and will maintain its ability to kill germs for up to two weeks after you use it, even when diluted.

If you have a particularly pungent load of laundry with extra sweaty items in it, you may feel that a disinfectant would be beneficial to your items. Zoflora is beneficial for properly eradicating both the bacteria and the unpleasant smells, rather than masking them.

Mixing Zoflora with Fabric Conditioner

The best way to go about this would be to simply add a cap full of Zoflora to the fabric softener drawer, along with your normal fabric softener.

Be sure not to pour in too much of the disinfectant though, as Zoflora is very concentrated, and you don’t need any more than the single cap. However, if you have an especially heavy load then two capfuls may be necessary.

Zoflora comes in particularly handy when someone in your household is ill as it will remove any lingering germs on their clothes and bedding during the wash cycle.

It can also remove all smells and bacteria from your much-used pet beds or blankets and won’t leave any residue behind.



Zoflora is a very convenient product to keep around the house and can be advantageous in a variety of situations. It can be used in the washing machine with clothes and is an easy and affordable way to quickly disinfect your laundry and to ensure that it comes out of your machine smelling just like your favourite Zoflora scent.