Overalls in washing machine

Can You Put Overalls in the Washing Machine?

Overalls are generally used to keep clothes clean, but this obviously means they can get pretty dirty themselves.

Regular cleaning is a must for work overalls, although you don’t need any special treatment for overalls worn as normal clothing.

But what’s the best way to clean them? Is it possible to put them in the washing machine? Let’s find out.


Can You Put Overalls in the Washing Machine?

It should be fine to put your overalls in the washing machine, as they’re usually resilient enough to stand a washing cycle.

Ideally, check the item’s care label first to see if there are any special steps you need to take when washing.

Some general tips are as follows:

  • Tie together straps and ideally secure them inside the overall if possible. This will stop metal clasps from damaging your washing machine drum.
  • Work overalls should be washed on a hot cycle to kill bacteria and shift stains. Cold water could set some stains, although it can remove others. Again, check the label.
  • Wash overalls separately from normal clothing. It reduces the chances of transferring stains.

Generally, when it comes to washing overalls, the specific method you use will depend on what you’re trying to clean.

For general cleaning, use a hot cycle and normal laundry detergent. Oily or greasy overalls should be washed on the hottest setting possible, and it can help to pre-treat stains with some neat laundry detergent before washing.


How Do You Clean Overalls Without Them Banging in the Washing Machine?

If you’re washing bib overalls (dungarees), or your overalls have other straps, the metal clasps can cause damage to your machine’s drum.

They can also cause a lot of noise banging around inside the washing machine, but how do you prevent this?

One option is to tie the straps inside the overalls, although this isn’t always possible. A better option is to put a sock over the clasp and secure it with a rubber band. Sure, the sock might still come off, but it shouldn’t if you tie the rubber band tight enough.


Can You Put Overalls in the Dryer?

Whether you can put your overalls in the dryer depends on several factors. For example, insulated overalls will take too long to dry because the insulated padding can hold a lot of water.

Also, reflective overalls might not be dryer safe. Finally, the temperature of the dryer could cause your overalls to shrink a bit.

As such, hanging to dry is usually the best option. Either hang the overalls on a washing line outside or put on a coat hanger and hang from a door. Provided it’s warm enough, they should dry fairly quickly.


Final Thoughts

Washing overalls isn’t a difficult process because they’re quite hardy clothes. Putting them in the washing machine should be fine, although it’s worth checking the care label first if you have one.

Either way, a hot wash with plenty of laundry detergent will usually do the job. Just make sure you clean the washing machine after you’ve put through some greasy overalls!