Retractable Washing Line

How to Stop a Retractable Washing Line Sagging

Retractable washing lines are really handy. They are perfect if you like to use your garden and not run the risk of running into your washing line all the time.

However, retractable washing lines do tend to sag a lot more than other washing lines, right? So, how do you stop these washing lines from ending up on the floor when you’re drying your clothes?

Well, retractable washing lines actually have a built-in mechanism to stop them from sagging during use. The only problem is, most of us haven’t been using it!

So, here is how to correctly use a retractable washing line.


How to Set Up a Retractable Washing Line to Prevent Sagging

Once you’ve found a suitable location for your retractable washing line, extend the washing line and hook it up as normal.

You’ll likely see it start to sag almost straight away. And once you put your clothes on it, the washing line will be really sagging.

This is because the weight of the washing is pulling more line out of the spool.

To prevent this, there is a circular locking mechanism located on the bracket or on the bottom of the unit itself. Just wrap the washing line around this wheel once. This locks the washing line in place and prevents any more of the line from coming out when you put clothes on the line.

Just ensure that you only use enough washing line to cover the distance you need. Then, wrap it around the wheel to lock it off. This will stop your washing line from sagging.



Causes of Retractable Washing Lines Sagging

If you are already using the circular locking mechanism on your retractable washing line and it is still sagging, there could be a few other potential causes.

1. Overloading your washing line

drying clothes in washing line

You might be overloading your washing line with too much washing. This is a common cause of sagging washing lines.

Wet washing is really heavy, and washing lines are somewhat stretchy. So, if you add too much washing to the line, it can stretch and then sag.

If you’ve been using your washing line for some time and have noticed it sagging much more recently, it has likely stretched under the weight of the washing.

So, try retracting it to take up some of the slack, locking it off again and then putting your washing on. This should solve the issue.

2. Tightening up the mechanism

Most retractable washing lines allow you to tighten up the mechanism that keeps the washing line tight.

Remove the cover on the box to get to the spool. There, you should see a way of moving the mechanism to tighten it up.

Retractable washing lines do this in different ways. However, in most cases, it is as simple as rotating the spool that the washing line is on.

washing line

3. Damaged washing line

If you’ve been using your retractable washing line for a very long time, the washing line may have become damaged. This can happen in various ways: consistent overloading, UV damage, exposure to the elements and more.

You can buy a new washing line, and fitting it is nice and simple. You just need to empty the spool of washing line and attach the new one. In most cases, this is a lot cheaper than buying a brand-new retractable washing line.

We hope this look at retractable washing lines and how to stop them from sagging has been helpful.

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