How to Wash Clothes with Sequins, Chains or Rhinestones

How to Wash Clothes with Sequins, Chains or Rhinestones

Washing your favourite sequined dress or a new pair of jeans with a chain across the hip could seem like a daunting task! How do you wash these items without damaging or shrinking them?

Clothes with embellishments tend to not be designed for frequent washing. Try not to wash them too often. If the only reason you want to wash them is because of a visible stain, you may benefit from spot washing just the stain first. 

There is always the option of taking these garments to a dry cleaner, but if you want to save money and effort then there are a few ways to safely wash them at home. 

machine washing clothes with rhinestones is risky

How to Wash Embellished Clothes

Hand wash embelleshed clothes

Hand washing these items is really the only way to go! Running them through your washing machine, even on a cold or gentle cycle is possible but can still be risky as they could shrink or lose some of the embellishments. 

Step 1: Fill the sink with lukewarm water and detergent

For an effective hand wash, fill a bucket or sink with lukewarm water and a bit of your favourite detergent before adding the garments you’re wanting to wash into the water. 

Step 2: Let clothes soak

Allow the items to soak for at least five minutes before you swirl them around in the water gently and carefully squeeze out any areas that you feel are particularly dirty or have visible stains.

Step 3: Drain and squeeze out water

Drain the sink or empty the bucket and squeeze the water out of your garment while being cautious of the sequins and then add it back into the sink or bucket with cold water to properly rinse. 

Step 4: Repeat if necessary, then dry

Repeat the process until you’re sure your item is clean and soap-free before hanging it carefully out to dry on a clothesline or clothes airer. Never put these items in a tumble dryer, they are to be air-dried only. 

If you’re focusing on a specific stain rather than washing the whole item, you can try using a cloth or a cotton swab dipped into a mix of dishwashing liquid and water and work on cleaning the stain gently out of the garment. If you’ve been careful enough, it should air-dry and be back to perfect condition. 

hand washing embellished clothes

Be careful if you choose to machine wash them

If you are confident that the item will survive a machine wash, take extra precautions by turning the garment inside out, closing any zippers, and even putting it in a mesh bag that is safe for your machine. 

handwash only care label


It is still recommended to read the labels on your clothing items carefully before you decide to wash them yourself. Some garments have strict guidelines and may need to be washed by a dry cleaner only. 

However, if you’re sure the items are safe for handwashing then hopefully the tips above will ensure you feel calm and confident as you tackle your laundry.