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Can You Extend a Washing Machine Drain Hose?

Whether you want to move your washing machine to a new position or you’ve just bought a new washing machine with a very short drain hose that doesn’t have the reach to get to the drain, you may be wondering whether you can extend the drain hose of your washing machine.

The short answer is that yes, you can extend your washing machine’s drain hose. Below, we’re going to show an example of a universal drain hose extension kit and how easy it is to install.


How Far Can You Extend a Washing Machine Drain Hose?

washing machine drain hose

2.5 metres is the absolute maximum we’d recommend extending your drain hose by. You can buy drain hose extension kits such as this 2.5-metre kit online. There are also 1.5-metre-long drain hoses available as well.

Ideally, your drain hose should be as short as possible, with enough length to reach down the drain correctly.

Extension kits come with everything you need to extend your washing machine’s drain hose. We’ll talk you through doing this in just a moment.

We would recommend that the drain hose of your washing machine should be no more than about five inches (12.7 centimetres) into the drain. Any more than this, and it can cause the water to come back up the pipe and make a mess of your floor.

So, when measuring for the extension, take these five inches into account. If needed, you can cut the extension to a more suitable size. Just ensure you have enough to get it down the drain.


How to Extend a Washing Machine Drain Hose

washing machine drain hose extension

Extending a washing machine drain hose couldn’t be any easier with a universal kit like this 2.5-metre extension hose available on Amazon.co.uk.

There is no need to remove the current drain hose or anything like that. Firstly, you can use the thread seal tape provided on the white connector piece and ensure it is covered completely.

Then, simply place one of the hose clamps onto the existing drain hose (don’t tighten it for now).

Next, insert the connector piece into the existing hose.

Grab the extension, and place the other hose clamp on this, again, don’t tighten it yet. Add the new drain hose to the connector and then tighten both hose clamps.

That’s it. Extending the drain hose of a washing machine is really that simple.

Most kits come with everything you need. However, some don’t come with the thread seal tape.

This isn’t always required, but it is a nice safety net to have when extending the drain hose. This is readily available from more DIY shops, and it is worth having around the home.

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Now you can install the drain hose exactly as you normally would. If you do notice any water on the floor after the first wash, move the washing machine back out and double-check the connection.

The hose clamps should be nice and tight to prevent any water from leaking out, and both hoses should be pressed firmly onto the connector.

We hope this look at extending the drain hose of a washing machine has been helpful.

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