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What Size Is a Standard Washing Machine Drain Hose?

If you’re looking for a new drain hose for your washing machine, finding the right size is a good place to start.

Whether you are replacing a drain hose or you’d like to extend your current one, using the correct drain hose for your washing machine will ensure that everything works correctly.

While some washing machine drain hoses differ, the most common size of drain hose for washing machines (and dishwashers) in the UK is 21 mm in diameter. They are available in several lengths, but 2.5 metres is the most common size available for replacement drain hoses.


Can You Replace a Washing Machine Drain Hose?

broken washing machine drain hose

Yes, you can replace the drain hose on your washing machine.

If you notice a leak coming from the back of your washing machine, the most likely place for this leak to be coming from is the drain hose. There is likely a split in the hose.

This can occur over time or from damage when moving the machine.

A damaged drain hose can cause a leak, or it can cause the washing machine to be filled with excess water inside. Replacing a washing machine drain hose isn’t too difficult.

Here’s how to do it correctly:

  1. Find the correct replacement drain hose (these are widely available, but ensuring the drain hose you use has the same diameter as the current hose ensures everything will go smoothly on the installation).
  2. Turn off the washing machine and pull it away from the wall to gain access.
  3. Grab a container to catch any excess water that may leak out of the hose or machine.
  4. The drain hose is connected to an outlet pipe on the back of your washing machine, usually with a pipe clamp. Unscrew the clamp to loosen it, and the old drain hose can be pulled off.
  5. The replacement drain hose can then be put in place. Keep the clamp of the new drain hose loose until the hose is firmly in place. You can then tighten the clamp, ensuring that it is over the hose and the outlet pipe.
  6. You can then feed the drain hose down the drain, or connect it to the sink drain, push the washing machine back into place and turn it on.


Can You Extend a Washing Machine Drain Hose?

man repairing washing machine drain hose

If you’ve just bought a new washing machine or moved homes and found that the current drain hose on your washing machine is too short to reach the drain, you can replace it or extend it.

Extending the drain hose isn’t tricky at all, and there are several drain hose extension kits that you can use.

We have another article about extending a washing machine drain hose that will come in really handy here. However, the basics are:

  1. Turn off your washing machine and pull it away from the wall.
  2. Fit the connector between the two hoses.
  3. Use the pipe clamps to hold the connector and hoses in place.
  4. Feed the extension in the drain or attach it to the sink drain.
  5. Put the washing machine in place, turn it on and give a test.



drain hose size

We hope this article has helped answer your questions about washing machine drain hoses. To recap, the standard washing machine drain hose is 21 millimetres in diameter and 2.5 metres in length.

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