Washing Machine Drum Banging - Causes and Solutions

Washing Machine Drum Banging – Causes and Solutions

Washing machines can be very complicated contraptions and we rely heavily on them for our household chores. It can be both frustrating and stressful when your machine starts to make strange sounds, but especially when it’s a loud banging! So, what could be causing it?

Banging sounds can start to emanate from your washing machine whether your machine is new or old, but it is more likely to start happening in slightly older machines. There are a number of practical reasons that such a sound could be happening though. Here’s a list of potential causes.

Cause 1 – A Heavy Load

avoid heavy loads for washing machine

It’s possible that the load in the machine is too heavy. An overloaded machine can cause real problems, and machines have weight limits for a reason.

Each machine may have its own unique weight limit but it’s important to check what it is before filling up the drum.

If the weight is really uneven, the drum will not spin the way it should, and this will cause that alarming banging noise.


It’s important to make sure that the weight of your laundry is distributed evenly. Ensure that heavier items are put into the machine carefully, and that they won’t be too heavy for the drum.

Try to avoid putting multiple heavier items in your machine at once and balance out your loads with heavy and light items distributed evenly along the inside of the drum. 


Cause 2 – Faulty Bearings

fixing faulty bearings in washing machine

Tub bearings are an essential part of a smooth, quiet washing cycle. Tub bearings can be found under the tub of the washing machine and are the reason that the drum can spin freely inside the machine.

If the bearings have broken or have worn away, the tub will start moving more than it should be, which can cause the banging sound inside your machine. 


If there is a fault in the tub bearing, the best solution would be uninstalling the drum of your machine so that you can effectively replace the bearing. There are various online tutorials for this, but if it feels like an overwhelming job, you can always call in a professional.


Cause 3 – Uneven Feet

fix the uneven feet of washing machine

One of the feet of your machine could have been damaged, or your machine could be on an uneven surface. If this is happening, then the whole machine will move during the heavy parts of the washing cycle.

The sound could be caused by the machine itself hitting the wall or counters around it or could be caused by the drum knocking on the insides of the machine as the whole thing wobbles.


The best way to solve this issue is to figure out which of the feet is causing the problem. The faulty foot may need replacing if it has broken or is somehow not the same length as the others.

Alternatively, you could try moving the machine to a more even surface so that it will not rock back and forth anymore.

If this is not an option, you could find a sturdy material to place under the leg to make the whole machine level again but be sure it is properly in place and check it regularly.


Cause 4 – Broken Drive Pulley

fix the washing machine broken drive pulley

The drive pulley is an essential part of your washing machine as it is the part that causes your drum to rotate. This pulley is connected to the machine’s motor by a belt, which can loosen over time. The motor can also lose power as the machine gets older.


Solving this issue will usually require a professional. It’s a more complicated problem that could require expensive parts and a more convoluted replacement process.


Cause 5 – Shock Absorbers Detaching

If the shock absorbers in your washing machine have begun to wear or break, this could cause a considerably more serious issue if not fixed quickly. The inner drum will begin to knock against the outer tub, which could cause some severe damage to the inside of your machine.


Shock absorbers are a slightly easier fix than the drive pulley and it may be something that you can attempt yourself if you feel confident in your at-home repair skills. If you are unsure, then it may be best to hire a professional to come in and replace the absorbers for you.



professional fixing washing machine drum

These are the top five issues that may be causing the unpleasant and disruptive banging noise that may be emanating from your washing machine. It may be difficult to figure out which one of these issues is the cause but try to go over each item and see which ones could be solved from home. 

If you’re struggling to solve the issue at home, then it may be time to give those trusty professionals a call so that they can come in and get the problem solved quickly and efficiently.

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