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What Is ‘Anti-Crease’ in a Washing Machine?

Have you been looking for a washing machine recently? Well, then you may have come across a few that have an anti-crease function.

This mode can save you loads of ironing time, particularly for cotton clothing.

But what is this function? How does this function work, and what can you do to stop your clothes from creasing if you don’t have this function.

Well, let’s find out, shall we?


The Anti-Crease Feature on a Washing Machine

Anti-Crease Feature on a Washing Machine

The anti-crease function on most washing machines provides 2-8 hours (depending on the make and model) of intermittent tumbling at the end of the washing cycle.

During this time, the drum will spin every so often to move the clothes around and prevent them from getting creased.

The slower rotation of the anti-crease function ensures that the clothes can relax, and they will develop fewer wrinkles as a result.

This function starts at the end of a cycle. So, you can open your washing machine at any time to remove the clothes, and once you do, you can turn the washing machine off.


Why Do Clothes Crease in the Washing Machine?

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As I’m sure you know, cottons are the biggest culprit for creasing in the wash.

This is because, in cotton cycles, your clothes are washed in a low water level with a very high-speed spin to draw out as much moisture as possible.

This vigorous spin cycle is the reason why cottons are often creased when they come out of the wash.

Clothes can also become creased as a result of sitting in the washing machine for extended periods of time after the washing cycle has come to an end.

The anti-crease function helps to eliminate this by periodically spinning the drum and allowing the clothes to move around.


How to Stop Clothes from Creasing in the Wash

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If a lot of your clothes are getting creased during the wash, you can try reducing the speed of the spin.

A lower spin speed will prevent your clothes from getting creased during this part of the cycle.

You’ll also want to check whether you are overloading your washing machine. If you are, the clothes won’t have enough space to move freely. This can cause tangles and creases in your clothing.


To Recap

wrinkle free feature on washing machine

Anti-Crease functions are an excellent way of getting rid of creases after the wash.

If your washing machine has a function like this, it is a great way of cutting down on your ironing.

If your washing machine doesn’t have an anti-crease function, there are still steps you can take to avoid creased clothes after each wash.

We hope this look at the anti-crease function on washing machines has been helpful.

There are plenty of washing machines that feature this function available on the market if you are looking for a new washing machine right now.

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