How to Prevent Mould on the Bathroom Ceiling

Black mould loves to grow on bathroom ceilings as they tend to be warm, damp places with lots of condensation. This kind of mould can create unsightly blotches and ruin the look of your bathroom.

Here are some tips for preventing mould on the bathroom ceiling.

1. Improve ventilation

A good extractor fan will reduce the amount of condensation and help prevent mould growth. You should also leave the window open in the summer to allow the condensation to escape. It’s also a great idea to get a dehumidifier to reduce the amount of moisture in the air (a major factor that helps mould grow).

2. Turn up the heating

This isn’t a great solution, but increasing the temperature in your bathroom will mean less condensation on the bathroom ceiling, as condensation occurs when warm air hits a cold surface.

3. Paint walls with anti-mould paint

Some paints are designed to prevent mould, so choosing an anti-mould paint such as Ronseal AMPWM750 Anti Mould Paint when you’re next decorating is a good way to prevent mould on your bathroom ceiling.

4. Use a mould-killer spray

There are several good mould-killer sprays on the market. One of the best is HG Mould Spray, which removes the black stains caused by mould and also helps prevent mould from growing back.

5. Use bleach

Instead of using a dedicated mould-killer, you can use good old-fashioned bleach. Dilute one part bleach with four parts water and apply it to the ceiling using a cloth. Be careful when doing this, as bleach can damage paint. You should try it out on a small area first to make sure the bleach won’t affect your paintwork.


As with everything, prevention is better than cure. Make sure your bathroom has good ventilation and isn’t too cold, and use an anti-mould paint on the walls and ceiling if possible. You can also measure the humidity levels in your bathroom using a hygrometer to check that your efforts to reduce the humidity are working.


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