How to Dry Clothes Quickly Indoors

How can you get your clothes dry quickly in the winter without a tumble dryer? If this question is keeping you awake at night, your struggle is about to come to an end. Here are some tips for drying clothes quickly indoors.

These tips all involve a variation of one or more of these four techniques: increasing airflow, adding heat, wringing and spinning. If you want to get creative, you can use these four basic techniques to find some new methods for getting your clothes dry quicker.

1. Put your washing machine on a high-spin setting

If you use a high-spin setting, your washing machine will remove more water from your clothes before it finishes the cycle. This will mean they will dry quicker than they would after a standard spin.

2. Wring your clothes out

This is what your great-great-grandma would have done in the days before high-spin washing machines. If your clothes feel heavy when they come out of the washing machine, wring them out into the sink or bath to dry them out a bit more before hanging them to dry.

You can also try putting an item of clothing into a towel and twisting the towel in a wringing motion. Only do this with tough items of clothing else you might damage them.

3. Use a salad spinner

This might sound silly, but it works. If you own a salad spinner you can use it to get excess moisture out of your clothes before hanging them up to dry.

4. Use a hairdryer

If your clothes are drying too slowly, going over them with a hairdryer will help them dry much quicker. You have to go over your clothing quite slowly, holding the hairdryer a few inches away from it.

5. Use a good drying rack

If you need to dry your clothes indoors, you should use a good drying rack like one of these here. They’re designed to provide enough space for the air to dry your clothes, and will do a much better job than improvised solutions like draping your clothes over chairs. You can damage wood and other materials by drying clothes on them, so using a purpose-made drying rack is a good way to protect your furniture. You can also get a heated air dryer which will dry your clothes quicker.

6. Iron your clothes under a towel

You shouldn’t iron wet clothes directly as the hot iron can stretch them. Instead, put an item of clothing under a towel and iron the towel with a good amount of pressure. The heat will help dry your clothing, but you will still need to air dry it.

7. Rotate your clothes

If you want your clothes to dry quickly and evenly, you should check them every few hours and rotate them. Otherwise you will find that some parts dry quickly while others seem to take forever to dry.

8. Put them on the radiator

This is one of the most obvious tips here, but it deserves to be included. The heat from the radiator will help dry your clothes quicker than hanging them on something cold. However, this can be bad for your health as it could release volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air.


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