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Best Carpet Sweepers in the UK

If you’ve ever spilt crumbs on a carpet before, you know how much of a pain it can be it get the crumbs out with a conventional broom. For times when bringing out the vacuum cleaner is a bit extreme, a carpet sweeper will do the job.

Carpet sweepers employ spinning brushes to dig deep into carpets and lift the dirt out. This makes them ideal for taking care of small patches of dirt or crumbs when you don’t want to go to the trouble of getting the vacuum cleaner out.

There are electric and manual varieties available: manual for when you want something inexpensive to deal with minor spills, and electric for when you want to be prepared for more embedded dirt and crumbs.

If looking to get a carpet sweeper, but don’t know where to start, then look no further. We’ve broken down a few of the best carpet sweepers on the market to help you find the best product for you.

Best Carpet Sweepers in the UK

1. Bissell 2402E Sturdy Sweep Floor Cleaner

This nifty carpet sweeper from Bissell offers solid cleaning power at a very reasonable price. It employs a few unique features that help it to perform well. For instance, it has a set of brushes in each corner that allow the sweeper to deliver edge-to-edge cleaning. One of our favourite features is that the handle can go completely flat, allowing the sweeper to get right under furniture with ease.

When not in use, the sweeper is remarkably easy to store. It’s extremely lightweight and can be simply hung or stored upright in a closet.


2. Dustcare Lightweight Carpet & Hard Floor Sweeper

Another inexpensive option is this carpet sweeper from Dustcare. This sweeper employs three rows of brushes to lift dirt out of your carpet and off of your hard floors. Whilst the Bissell cleaner employs 5 brushes in total, only one of those is a rotating brush that gets deep into the fibres of the carpet.

This option lacks the edge-to-edge sweeping surface of the Bissell, but the three rows of brushes make it a lot more effective at lifting dirt when it can be reached.

Included with the sweeper is a little comb that can be used to clean the brushes. This is essential if you have pets, as dog hair will tend to clog up the rotating brushes and will need to be cleaned regularly. The included comb stores on the unit, ensuring you always have it to hand.


3. Gtech SW20 Cordless Premium Power Sweeper

This is the first of the electric sweepers on the list. Electric sweepers come in at a higher price point but are far more effective at lifting dirt out of carpets. This Cordless Power Sweeper from Gtech is certainly a powerful sweeper. Whilst it’s not a total replacement for a proper vacuum cleaner, it is powerful enough to take over handling larger spillages where an unpowered sweeper is not.

Much like the Bissell 2402E, this sweeper employs edge brushes to allow for edge-to-edge cleaning. Unlike the Bissell 2402E, this carpet sweeper powers the edge brushes to make them a lot more effective at lifting up dirt.


4. Bissell Natural Sweep Carpet Sweeper

Slightly higher up on the range of unpowered carpet sweepers is the Bissell Natural Sweep. This sweeper uses two main brushes: one for picking up larger particles, and the other for smaller dust. In addition, it also has four corner brushes for picking up dirt where the rollers can’t reach.

One of the biggest advantages of manual sweepers over powered sweepers is that manual ones do not need to be charged. This often comes at the expense of efficiency. Thankfully, Bissell’s dual-roller design allows it to pick up dirt a lot more effectively than most single-roller sweepers. The rollers rotate in opposite directions, allowing dirt to be easily picked up when going forwards as well as backwards.


5. Shark V3700 Cordless Rechargeable Sweeper

The V3700 from Shark is the second powered sweeper on this list. It’s at a considerably lower price than the Gtech SW20 but is still a formidable sweeping machine.

It strips away several of the non-essential features to allow for a cheaper—but still effective—sweeping machine. For instance, it lacks corner brushes, meaning that this sweeper will struggle to get right into the edges of a room. But it’s still more than powerful enough to handle bits of fluff and dirt in between vacuuming sessions.

One of the biggest design problems with many sweepers is how inaccessible the lint tray is. Shark have designed an extremely simple to empty tray into their V3700. It simply slides out and can be emptied over a bin. No need to try to wrestle the device upside down to empty it.