hoovering amtico flooring

Can You Hoover Amtico Flooring?

Amtico flooring is an extremely popular choice for many homeowners. It looks great and is extremely sturdy, meaning that it should last you a long time. 

It’s also very straightforward to keep super clean. Does that mean we should be using a hoover on this kind of flooring though? Read on to find out!

To Hoover or Not to Hoover Amtico?

to hoover amtico flooring or not

Hoovering is probably the most time efficient way to clean your home, and is extremely low effort, making it a very tempting chosen method of cleaning! 

However, when cleaning Amtico flooring, always ensure that your vacuum cleaner isn’t going to cause any damage. 

Vacuum cleaners with large bristles aren’t suitable, as they are likely to scratch the floor. If your hoover doesn’t have any bristles, or just small ones, then you should be ok. 

But having said that, there are other more suitable ways to clean your flooring. 


How to Clean Amtico Flooring Without Damaging It

cleaning amtico flooring

  1. Sweep any dust and dirt into a pile. Use a dustpan and brush to pick up the pile of dirt and put it in the bin. This should be done regularly—at least twice a week. 
  2. Use a mop and bucket to clean the floor more thoroughly. Opt for Amtico floor maintainer or any other equivalent product – about 100ml of product to 5L of warm water. Aim to do this approximately 2 to 4 times per month.
  3. If you want to go all out, use Amtico floorcare stripper once or twice per year. Apply the stripper, leave for around 10 minutes and remove by rinsing with water a couple of times. Then finish by applying floor dressing and LVT.


Top Amtico Flooring Care Tips

amtico flooring care tips

  • Avoid steam cleaners – they will damage your flooring
  • Use a doormat to reduce the dirt being trampled on to the floor
  • Try to take measures to prevent scratching the floor with furniture. Maybe invest in some chair socks or protective pads!
  • Opt for furniture that isn’t putting a large weight through a small surface area – go for a larger surface area to decrease the pressure being put through the flooring
  • Wipe any spillages asap – it’ll make your overall clean a lot easier!
  • Choose the correct product to clean with – make sure you check before it makes contact with the flooring!

Now remember these simple tips and, whatever method you decide upon, go and enjoy your pristine flooring!