Dyson vacuum cleaner

How to Clean and Maintain a Vacuum Cleaner

Although this may seem obvious, please ensure your vacuum is completely off before seeing to any maintenance. You can injure yourself if this isn’t seen to properly. Now your safety is in check, here’s a short briefing on what you need to do to clean and maintain your vacuum cleaner.

Remember, things that clean also need to be cleaned.

Check and replace the bag regularly

If your vacuum isn’t doing the job properly and it used to, this is a clear indication that the bag is full and needs emptying. If you feel like it isn’t picking up the debris that it once was, the bag in your vacuum doesn’t have to be completely full. Check the line indicator on the bag to ensure its efficiency while cleaning.

Clean the beater bar (brush roll)

First, locate the brush. If you’re not sure where the brush roll is, it’s normally at the bottom of your vacuum at the front. It’s easy for this to get clogged up with hair and other debris and will make it almost impossible for the hoover to perform at its best.

To remove the beater bar, it should be slotted in at both sides so slide it out from under the belt and get in there with some scissors to cut the hairs etc. It’s important to note that this part of your vacuum doesn’t need to be scrubbed spotless, any debris just needs to be removed. Checking for any cracks along the way (and replace when necessary).

Sanitize the inside of the vacuum hose

This is a point that’s important but, quite often, missed. Howtocleanstuff gives a great tip on how to get this done as quickly as possible by taping paper towels around a broom handle, dampening the paper towels with diluted vinegar (one part vinegar and two parts water), swirl the broom handle inside the vacuum hose.

They also advise to leave the vinegar to completely dry before turning your vacuum back on so allow enough time to do this before you need to vacuum next. The vinegar will kill 99.9% of all bacteria!

Other important points:

  1. A great way to ensure a thorough cleaning of your whole vacuum is to read through the manual you received with your vacuum and learn how to take each piece apart. Then take a cloth with some vinegar on and wipe over everything. Once you’ve done this a few times, you’ll be able to do it without the help of a manual and speed through this process.
  2. If, after cleaning, your vacuum doesn’t seem to be working as it used to and you think there’s a fault, you should take it into a vacuum shop. They should be able to fix the issue quickly for you, without it hurting your bank balance.
  3. Remember that the cleaning and maintenance of your vacuum, if done correctly, add years of life to it so show it some love every once in a while.