how to clean rough side of frosted glass

How to Clean the Rough Side of Frosted Glass

Frosted glass has long been a great feature to add a discrete yet effective statement to your décor, and has often been used as a classy way to maintain privacy. It can be spotted in a range of places, from lighting to shower panels. Despite the high-quality finish, it is very low maintenance! 

That being said, little and often is a great deal easier than a big deep clean once in a blue moon. So, stick to these speedy tips roughly once per month and you’ll have your frosted glass sparkling new!

Rough glass is prone to trapping dust and dirt due to its textured nature. Depending on where the glass is and what it’s used for, smudges, stains and fingerprints can quickly accumulate. Fortunately, wiping the glass down is a super quick and simple task.   

Method 1: White Vinegar

clean frosted glass with white vinegar

  1. Mix one part white vinegar to four parts warm water and a drizzle of washing up liquid into a spray bottle and shake
  2. Spray the glass thoroughly and leave for at least 5 minutes
  3. Scrub the glass in a circular motion using a sponge
  4. Rinse off with cold water
  5. Wipe down the glass using a microfibre cloth
  6. Leave to air dry


Method 2: Lemon Juice

clean frosted glass with lemon juice

This method probably needs a little bit more effort but you’ll be rewarded with a subtle scent of lemon

  1. Squeeze one lemon into a spray bottle and fill with warm water
  2. Lightly spray the glass all over with your lemon solution
  3. Rub the solution into the glass in sections using a sponge
  4. Wipe what is left over with a microfibre cloth and dry with another cloth if needed 


Method 3: Newspaper and Glass Cleaner

clean frosted glass with newspaper and glass cleaner

  1. Spritz the glass using your glass cleaner of choice 
  2. Clean in sections to ensure a thorough job
  3. Take a few pieces of newspaper and use them to scrub the cleaner into the glass
  4. For any stubborn stains, add some bicarbonate of soda (baking soda) into the mix! Take a small amount of bicarbonate of soda, add some water to make sure everything sticks together, and use the newspaper to scrub it into the stain
  5. Repeat step one and wipe off using a cloth


How to Clean Frosted Glass on a Shower Screen

How to Clean Frosted Glass on a Shower Screen

Ideally, you should try to do this at least once per week!

  1. Mix a dash of washing up liquid with warm water and put in a spray bottle
  2. Lightly spray the glass panel with the homemade solution
  3. Go over the panel using a squeegee to remove any excess water
  4. Rinse with cold water
  5. Leave to dry on its own (open windows if there is poor ventilation)

Whichever method you decide upon, cleaning frosted glass is a super quick and easy job. Do it regularly and that statement feature will be as good as new!