How to Descale a Kettle With Coke

Lots of areas of the UK have hard water, which can create limescale when it’s boiled or heated. Naturally, your kettle is going to be one of the worst affected areas since it is used for heating water.

You don’t need to use a commercial limescale remover to get rid of limescale, any acidic liquid will do. Coke has a pH level of 2.8, which is a similar level to white vinegar and lemon juice. This makes it great for cleaning all sorts of things, including your kettle.

So if you have some unwanted cola lying around, here’s how to use it to descale your kettle and remove limescale:

  1. Partially fill your kettle with coke (500 ml should be more than enough)
  2. Boil the kettle
  3. Let it stand for 30 minutes
  4. Optionally scrub the kettle
  5. Rinse it out with water

That’s it! Your kettle should now be limescale-free.

This super-quick TikTok video demonstrates how well coke can clean your kettle, making limescale super easy to wipe away and leaving the inside of your kettle sparkling clean!