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Should You Dust Before or After Vacuuming?

While many of us tend to dust before we vacuum, there are some of us who prefer to vacuum and then dust. There is a theory that vacuuming creates more dust than dusting does, while others maintain that it’s better to vacuum first. So who is right? Does it really matter which way around we dust or vacuum? Let’s find out…



There is no right answer

Although everyone tends to have their opinion on the dust-vacuum/vacuum-dust debate, there doesn’t seem to be a ‘right’ answer. Hotel cleaners usually dust first, then clean the bathroom while the dust settles and finally vacuum up. However, when it comes to dusting and vacuuming peoples’ homes, domestic cleaners will typically clean exactly as the homeowner wishes, regardless of what they think works best.

But what should you do in your own home?


Vacuuming first

If you tend to vacuum first your floors will typically be nice and clean once you’ve finished. However, because a lot of vacuum cleaners kick up a lot of dust that then settles on your countertops and furniture it would seem logical to dust afterwards. However, if you do not dust every single surface properly there is a real chance that you could push all of the dust right back onto the floor again.


Dusting first

If you would prefer the dust to have settled before you vacuum then make sure you wipe all of your surfaces down properly. Once the surfaces have been wiped and some of the dust has settled on the floor the theory is that you can then vacuum it up. However, if you have a vacuum that tends to kick up lots of dust, particularly when you switch it on, dusting first can seem a little counterproductive.

If your vacuum tends to cough up a lot of dust, you may need to change the bag or the filter. Old vacuums may not be as efficient as new ones, so you might want to think about investing in a new model. Vacuums that come with a HEPA filter usually trap more dust, pollen, pet hair and dust mites than other vacuums, thereby creating less mess when you switch them on.


How to Minimise Dust

If you are at a loss as to whether you should vacuum or dust first, do not worry, we have come up with a solution that could make the whole house-cleaning process just that little bit easier. Our solution is to minimise the amount of dust by using an air purifier as they can help to reduce dust in the home. Although this may be seen as a rather extreme thing to do, air purifiers are ideal if someone in your home as allergies.

If you do not like the idea of using an air purifier, another dust-busting idea would be to use a cloth that is pretty good at picking up dust. Microfiber cloths contain a lot more fibres than normal household cloths, making them ideal for picking up dust.

If you’re still at a loss as to whether you should dust or vacuum first, we suggest trying both options: Dust, then vacuum and see how pleased you are with the results. Then vacuum and dust a different room and see what you think.

Who knows, you may find that you prefer doing the exact opposite of what you used to do, but you might also stick with what you have been doing for years. Ultimately, the choice is yours!