Taking white clothes out of washing machine

Best Washing Powders & Detergents for White Clothes (2021 UK)

When it comes to whitening clothes there are so many options you can try! You can do pre-washes, post-washes, and you can buy specific clothes whitening products…

But wouldn’t it all be so much easier if you could just purchase a washing powder, or detergent, that was specifically designed to clean and reinvigorate white clothes in just one wash! It would save you a lot of time and effort in the long run.

It just so happens that these items do exist. So, read on to discover the best washing powders and detergents for white clothes right now!!

Best Washing Powders and Detergents for White Clothes in the UK

1. Presto! 3 in 1 Laundry Capsules White

If you’re looking for a really simple way to clean your clothes, remove stains and transform your dull, greying white clothes into bright and sensational smelling garments, then look no further than Presto! 3 in 1 Laundry Capsules.

The 20 small capsules that come in the box resemble the 3 in 1 pods that Ariel makes, except these pods come at a bargain price!

It’s so easy to use these capsules, all you need to do is make sure your washing machine is empty and pop a capsule, or two, into the washing machine’s drum, then add your dirty clothes.

What’s even better is that on the back of the box you get some seriously detailed instructions that tell you how many capsules to use depending on what type of water you have (soft/hard), what size load you plan on using and how soiled your clothes are!

This handy little guide stops you from overusing washing products, so you’re keeping your washing machine and clothes healthier for longer.

Another excellent point about Presto! 3 in 1 laundry capsules is that you can bulk buy this detergent. Typically, you can purchase four boxes at once and it works out cheaper than getting individual boxes.

So, given the fact that you’ll be managing how many capsules you use per wash, you’ll actually be able to get a lot of washes out of this multibuy bargain.

Of course, there are a few downsides to this product too… A couple of users have noted that they did not find Presto! as tough as other cleaners when it came to taking out dirt.

Ohers noted that when they used more capsules, their clothes came out with some soapy residue marks. This meant that clothes had to be washed twice, which was an inconvenience.

Further to this, Presto! requires a medium to high heat temperature to work effectively. So, if you plan on washing your laundry on a 20℃ wash, you might not get clean clothes.

You also can’t use these capsules when you hand wash your clothes or on a quick wash cycle.

Finally, it’s really important that you don’t wet or pierce the capsules before you pop them into your washing machine because this causes problems! However, it’s very rare to see capsules split open in a box, so if you’re careful there won’t be much waste.


2. Daz Washing Powder Whites and Colours

If you’re looking for a long-lasting cleaner that you can use to hand wash clothes, then a box of Daz Washing Powder for Whites and Colours is what you need! Daz’s Washing Powder is great at getting tough dirt off grubby white clothes and the washing powder makes clothes smell very fresh.

This mammoth box of washing powder weighs in at a whopping 4.225 kg and you can get 65 washes out of it. This is an astronomical amount of washing powder. However, given the fact that this is a washing powder, and not a pre-measured out capsule, this number is likely to increase/decrease depending on how much product you decide to use. It’s very easy to overload a scoop with powder!

On that note, the box does come with some good instructions to help you measure out your washing powder. Although a major downside is that if you don’t have a powder scoop readily available, or you’ve lost the scoop, you may not be as accurate with your doses!

This may result in you under/over using washing powder and your clothes may come out with dirt/soapy residue on them.

Daz’s box of washing powder not only washes whites and brings them back to life, but this powder can be used in coloured clothes washes too. So, it means that you don’t have to invest in 2 separate detergents for your various piles of laundry.

However, another issue with the product is that the box that it comes in can break very easily. This means that products can spill out if you’re not careful, and it is particularly problematic if you live in a house with kids and pets who are likely to try and eat the white powder!


3. HG Whiter Than White Special Detergent For White Wash

Are yellowing clothes and greying white garments causing you trouble? If so, a soak with a couple of capfuls of HG Whiter Than White is what your laundry needs!

HG’s Whiter than White powder comes in a 400g tub and you should be able to get around 6 washes from this pot, this includes hand washing clothes too.

It’s specifically designed with yellowing and greying clothes in mind, as its aim is to reduce the yellowing effect the sun has had on clothes. It can also remove dirt and poor odours from white laundry!

It’s really simple to use this product because you just need to pop your clothes in the washing machine/tub and add the correct amount of powder in. You can do this by using the measuring cap that is part of the tub’s lid.

Sadly, this product does have its weaker points… the first being that you only get six washes out of the small pot. While this may not be a huge problem for those of you who don’t have a lot of white clothes to wash, for individuals who have lots of white clothes to clean this would very quickly become expensive.

Further to this, some users have noted that they didn’t even get six washes out of the tub in the first place. In order to get six washes exactly, you must measure your powder out very carefully, which could be a time-consuming process. So, it might not be suitable for individuals who lead busy lives and rush to wash their clothes!

In addition to this, a number of users have noted that they saw little to no difference in how white their clothes were after using the HG product. While others noted that they saw great results but they had to pre-soak their white clothes in the HG product before moving onto the real wash.

Finally, some users mentioned that although the lid acts as a measuring cup too, it would’ve been nice to have a scoop to measure out the powder.


4. Miele UltraWhite Powder Detergent For Laundry

You may associate Miele with ovens, washing machines and vacuum cleaners, amongst many other home appliances. But did you know Miele makes a fine washing powder too?

Miele’s UltraWhite Powder Detergent for Laundry is an excellent alternative to your general high street brands. Not only does the 2.7kg box of powder last a long time, but it’s great at removing tough stains and whitening laundry! Plus, you don’t need a Miele washing machine to enjoy all of these benefits.

The best part about this washing powder though is that you don’t need to run boiling hot cycles to see transformative results. This powder works wonders at almost every temperature from 20-95℃. So, not only will you have laundry that smells delightful, your whites will be glowing and stains will be removed, but you’ll actually save a penny or two on your energy bill.

The only negative is that this product is quite expensive in comparison to other brands. That being said, you do get 49 washes out of one box, and the doses you need to use are a lot smaller than other brand’s doses. So, it does balance out in the end.


5. Surf Bright White Laundry Powder

Are you looking for a washing powder that can bring your greying whites back to dazzling condition, but can also make your clothes smell amazing? If you answered yes, then Surf Bright White Laundry Powder is exactly what you need!

Surf Bright White doesn’t just have an intense aroma, the perfume used to scent your laundry is actually 20% stronger than usual smells, so you get even longer freshness. In fact, some users have noted that the 5-herb smell that Surf’s product has, sticks around for days and days after the laundry has been cleaned! Just what you need on hot sunny days.

But it’s not just the fragrance that hangs around for days… a box of Surf Bright White Laundry Powder weighs in at around 2.9kg, so you’ll be able to get 45 washes out of this package. That’s a whole lot of washing from 1 box – you won’t have to go out and buy a new box every week!

In addition to this Surf Bright White Laundry Powder is great for making sure that your white clothes are thoroughly cleaned, and come out of the wash gleaming. Plus, you can use this product in a quick wash cycle in your washing machine, if you’re in a rush and need your clothes cleaned. 

The only poor points about using this product are… you need to be careful about how much powder you use. Too much powder not only leaves soap residue on clothes, but this particular product could make your clothes extra pungent! Which may not be for everyone.

Further to this, Surf Bright White Laundry Powder does come in a box, so like with Daz, you need to be careful that the box doesn’t tip or rip open.


How to Choose a Washing Powder or Detergent

Here are a few points to consider when choosing a washing powder or detergent to use:

  • Think about the ingredients in the product – are you, or is someone in the family, allergic to a particular ingredient?
  • What is your budget?
  • Do you have a particular preference? (Branded or unbranded products, for example).
  • How much time do you have? (Capsules and tablets are usually quicker to use, for example).
  • Would you like to use a number of cleaning products or just 1? (For example, Daz Washing Powder for Whites and Colours can clean both coloured and white clothes, or would you be happier buying a white clothes cleaner and a coloured clothes cleaner?)
  • Would you be happy using bleach-based items?
  • Is an eco-friendly product worth considering?


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If we had to pick just one washing powder and detergent for white clothes to recommend, it would be Presto! 3 in 1 Laundry Capsules White because they’re so simple to use and they’re an excellent price!

The fact that Presto! comes in capsule form means that all the hassle of measuring out washing powder is taken away, and it makes the cleaning process a lot quicker, especially if you’re short on time.

In addition to this, it’s really handy to know that Presto! can be bought as part of a multi-buy option, because this way you know that you’ll always have enough cleaning supplies at home.

However, if you don’t mind measuring out your washing powder, you could also buy a box of Daz Washing Powder for Whites and Colours. This is another good option because you can get loads of uses out of it and you can use it for coloured clothes as well, so you can save time and money by getting this item.