Do Fairy Non-Bio Pods Contain Fabric Softener

Do Fairy Non-Bio Pods Contain Fabric Softener?

The answer to this question is that no, Fairy Non-Bio Pods do not contain any fabric softener at all, but there’s a very good reason behind this decision!


Why Don’t Fairy Non-Bio Pods Contain Fabric Softener?

The reason that there is no fabric softener in Fairy’s Non-Bio Pods is because fabric softeners can cause all types of allergic reactions from our skin. Everyone has very different skin and some skin types are more sensitive and may have an intense reaction to fabric softener.

Fairy’s non-bio pods are specifically designed for babies, as well as those with allergies or eczema, which means that they need to be sure that there are no skin irritants in the formula.

Fairy Non-Bio Pods Skin Health Alliance seal

They have also been awarded the Skin Health Alliance seal, which indicates how safe they are for sensitive skin.

These pods don’t contain any of the biological enzymes that make up many other detergents. Instead, they are made without any harsh chemicals and are much less likely to cause irritation.

Fairy’s pods are still highly effective in cleaning clothes and your laundry will likely emerge from your washing machine as clean as it would have been if you’d used a classic bio detergent.

Many users will also attest that despite the pods not containing any fabric softener, their clothes are still soft and silky when their washing cycle is complete.



Fairy Non-Bio Pods are created to be suitable for everyone, no matter how sensitive their skin may be. Adding fabric softener to the pods would mean that the pods would no longer be non-bio for those that purchase it specifically because it works for their skin type.

Many of us have our own favourite brand or scent of fabric softener anyway (see our favourites here) and this can be combined with the Fairy Non-Bio pods for a pleasantly scented wash.

This also allows for anyone with more sensitive skin to find the fabric softener that works best with their skin type.

If your new to these laundry pods, you might want to read our guide on how to use Fairy non-bio pods.