30C Washing Machine

How Long Does a 30 Degree Wash Usually Take?

A 30°C wash will normally take around 70-80 minutes, but this can vary depending on the washing machine model, the exact cycle chosen and the load size.

30-degree cycles are usually designed for delicates or wool. Baby clothes are often best washed at 30°C or 40°C as this type of cycle is less likely to shrink the delicate items. However, this is not an ideal temperature if the items have been soiled in any way. 

30°C is also a good temperature for washing mixed clothes or particularly bright colours. The hotter the wash, the more likely your items are going to fade faster. Only add your brightest clothes to a hot wash if they have tough stains or are truly soiled.

The final positive to a 30°C wash is the amount of energy that is saved by having your machine running for less time and by not making the machine heat up water to very hot temperatures for extended periods of time.

Running these cycles can save you a considerable amount of energy over the course of a year and can be much healthier for your bank account than running consistent 60°C washes.

However, it is still important to be sure to wash soiled items properly and ensure that any lingering germs and bacteria are properly eradicated!

The best time to use a 30°C wash is when you are dealing with delicate or lightly soiled garments. This is a very useful cycle for when you need your clothes cleaned quickly and efficiently in the course of your busy week, without any fuss!