How to Dry Jeans Fast

How to Dry Jeans Fast

If you’re in a hurry to meet your friends for a night out, but you’ve just realised your jeans are still wet after their wash, don’t panic!

No, you don’t have to re-think your outfit. And no, you don’t have to text everyone to say you’re going to be late. All you need to do is take a few minutes to dry your jeans!

Follow the steps below to dry your jeans fast, so you can get back to enjoying your evening.


How to Dry Jeans Quickly

If you’re in a rush to dry your jeans, you’ve come to the right place! Below you’ll find a collection of quick drying methods that you can use to dry your jeans!

The ironing method

ironing jeans

  1. Remove your jeans from the washing machine and if they feel damp, pop them through another spin cycle to get rid of excess water.
  2. Your jeans should feel a lot less water logged by the end of this extra spin cycle, so they should be easier to dry.
  3. Remove the jeans from the washing machine.
  4. Grab a clean, dry towel and stick it down one leg of your jeans and repeat this process for the other leg.
  5. Turn your iron on to a suitable ‘jeans setting’ (usually hot) and start ironing your jeans.
  6. Keep ironing the jeans until they start to return to their normal colour and feel dryer.
  7. Continue to do this until the jeans are completely dry and are comfortable to wear out.
  8. Remove the towels before you pop your jeans on!

Tip: As an alternative to giving your clothes an extra spin, you could place them flat out on a dry, cotton towel. Then you could roll the jeans up in the towel to dry them further. As you roll your jeans up you can gently squeeze down on the towel to remove excess moisture from the material.


The hair dryer method

dry jeans fast with hair dryer

  1. Remove your jeans from the washing machine, if they feel damp, pop them through another spin cycle to get rid of excess water.
  2. When the jeans have been spun a second time, you can then remove them from the washing machine and start drying them.
  3. Pinch the bottom of one trouser leg shut and hold it shut by placing a heavy object on it.
  4. Go to the top of your jeans (where the buttons are) and fire up your hair dryer.
  5. Point your hair dryer down the leg that you’ve just closed up.
  6. Your jeans will start to inflate as the hot air becomes trapped in the leg and this is normal – the confined hot air will help to dry the material.
  7. Continue to do this until the jeans are dry on one half.
  8. Repeat this entire process for the other leg.
  9. Be careful of any metal work on your jeans, they’ll get very hot when you’re blow drying your jeans.


The tumble dryer method

jeans in tumble dryer

  1. Remove your jeans from the washing machine, if they feel damp, pop them through another spin cycle to get rid of as much excess water as possible.
  2. Now that the jeans aren’t so wet, you can pop them into a tumble dryer and run a ‘quick dry cycle’.
  3. If need be, you can add a dry cotton towel to the dryer to absorb more liquid from the jeans as they dry.
  4. Allow the cycle to run its course and check the jeans at the end.
  5. If they still feel a tad damp, you can repeat the process above.

Alternatively, you could run a hot but short cycle to dry your jeans in the tumble dryer. This, of course, does come with its risks, mainly you could shrink your jeans.

However, if you continuously keep an eye on your jeans throughout the process, you should be able to prevent this little mishap.


The radiator method

dry jeans using radiator method

  1. Remove your jeans from the washing machine, and if they feel wet, put them through another spin cycle to get rid of unwanted water.
  2. When the cycle ends, remove the jeans and hang them up on the back of a chair.
  3. Then you can pop this chair near a warm radiator.
  4. The heat from the radiator will help to dry the jeans.
  5. Try not put the jeans directly onto a radiator because this’ll create moisture, and when this moisture gets into the air it can wreak havoc in your home.
  6. Leave the jeans to rest like this.
  7. Turn the jeans around, so you dry the back of the jeans, as well as the front, during this process.


The heated airer method

dry jeans fast with heated airer

If you’ve got a heated airer at home, you could use this to dry your jeans.

Before you use the airer, try and get as much moisture out of the jeans. Then pop the damp jeans onto the airer to dry them.

If you’ve got a covered airer, run it with just your jeans inside. Your jeans should dry fairly quickly in this case because they’ll be exposed to a vast amount of hot air in a small space.


How Long Does It Take to Air Dry Jeans?

air drying jeans outside

Air drying jeans outside can take as little as 45 minutes, if you’ve hung your jeans up outside to dry in boiling hot weather.

On the flipside, if the weather is poor, it could take you a day or two, or in the worst case a week, to fully air dry your jeans.

Alternatively, you could hang your jeans up to air dry indoors, but again, it is difficult to say how long this drying process will take.

The ambient temperature of the room will play a part in the drying process. So, if the room is toasty, there’s sufficient air flow and you’ve got plenty of natural light coming into the room, your jeans could take a few hours to overnight to dry.

On the other hand, if the room is cold, has poor air flow and is dark, this isn’t going to encourage fast drying.


How to Dry Jeans That Have Been Washed by Hand

jeans washed by hand

If you’ve washed your jeans by hand, you probably don’t have access to a washing machine, so you’re not going to be able to run an extra spin cycle to remove excess water from your jeans.

In this case, instead of spinning the clothes, simply lay your jeans on a flat cotton towel, and roll the jeans up in the towel to dry them. The cotton towel will absorb a lot of the waste moisture and your jeans will feel dryer.

You just need to repeat this process a few times, and then you can use one of the drying fast methods listed above to dry your jeans quickly.


How To Dry Jeans Fast in Public

If you’ve got drenched while out in public, you don’t really want to be sitting around in wet jeans all day long. So, here are some ideas to help you dry your jeans out:

Obviously, you can’t really take your jeans off in public to dry them. So, one drying method you could try is… try to position yourself under a hand dryer (found in public/office toilets) and attempt to dry yourself off as much as you can.

Of course, this isn’t going to work out brilliantly, but it may take the edge off for you. It’s difficult to say how long this’ll take, but you should definitely try to dry your top half and bum areas first! You could probably get by with having damp jeans from the knees down.

How To Dry Jeans Fast in Public

In addition to this you could try and sit near a radiator to dry yourself off. This again, isn’t going to work amazingly well because you’ll be sitting down in a chair, so the heat won’t get to every part of your jeans. But the heat from a radiator can make you feel warmer, and in turn, your jeans may feel toastier and slightly dryer.

If you’ve got access to a car with heated seats and working heaters, you could go and sit in the car with these heaters on to dry yourself off.

Alternatively, if you’ve got a shop nearby selling hair dryers, you could pop there quickly to buy one, so you can dry your jeans.

As a backup option, you could sit with a fan pointed at your jeans. The continuous air flow may be able to remove some of the moisture from the material.

As a last resort, you could buy a new pair of jeans, if you really can’t find a drying solution.

Tip: To complement the above, you should always try to pat your jeans dry with towels/paper towels, so you absorb as much moisture as you can. If you can remove excess fluid from the off, hopefully your jeans won’t be too wet when you go to dry them, which would be an added bonus for you.

Bonus tip: For future reference, if you’re going out in the rain and there’s a good chance your jeans are going to get wet, you should pack a spare pair of jeans, so you can change into them.


Can You Dry Jeans in a Microwave?

Can You Dry Jeans in a Microwave

No, you shouldn’t try to dry jeans in a microwave. This is dangerous. You shouldn’t dry any kind of clothing in a microwave.