How to Clean and Tidy Your Room Fast

You can quickly make a big difference to how tidy your bedroom looks by doing a few simple things.

Follow the steps below and give your room the spruce up it deserves! 


A Step-By-Step Guide to Tidying Your Room Quickly

Here’s a general guide on how to tidy a bedroom quickly! Skip the steps that don’t apply to your room. And if you haven’t got time to complete all the steps noted below, find a time later in the week to do them. 

Step 1: Air the room

Open window with breeze

Open the windows and blinds in the room to allow natural light and air into the space.

Light and fresh air can help to keep you focused and motivated on the task! Plus, nobody wants to clean a dark room that doesn’t have any fresh air in it.


Step 2: Remove rubbish

Remove the rubbish from the bin in the room and pop a new rubbish sack in the bin.

If you notice that your bin is a little dirty, you can clean it with some warm soapy water. You will, of course, have to factor this extra cleaning time into your schedule because the activity will take time to carry out. It, therefore, may be worth pencilling this task in for another time.

If you don’t have a bin in the room, why not buy a rubbish bin for it?


Step 3: Remove any food and dishes

If you tend to eat in the room that you’re cleaning, there may be a build-up of crockery in the area. If this is the case, remove any dishes, glasses and cutlery from the room and take them to the sink/dishwasher so you can clean them later.

Although, try to keep in mind that it’s much easier to clean your dishes straight after you’ve used them so the grime doesn’t go hard! This type of dirt can be a right pain to remove!


Step 4: Clear the floor

Books on bedroom floor

If you’re cleaning a bedroom or walk-in wardrobe, the floor may be littered with many outfits. So, gather up the clothes and either put the items away or pop them in the washing basket.

And if you no longer want the pieces, grab a bag and stuff the garments into it, so you can donate them.

Likewise, if you’re cleaning a child’s room, pop the toys away in their rightful place so they’re no longer a trip hazard!


Step 5: Make the bed and arrange cushions etc.

If you have upholstered chairs or a sofa in your room, you could wash the cushion covers and blanket(s), or plump the cushions up and fold the blanket(s) nicely and pop them on the chair(s).

If you’re tidying up a bedroom, a quick win for you is to make your bed. And if you have time, you could wash the bedding.

Interestingly, a recent post by Patient states that if you make your bed every morning, not only will your bedroom look visibly tidier, but you may feel more at ease, your mood and productivity will improve, and you’ll be able to sleep better.

But more importantly, you’ll get a sense of accomplishment from carrying out this basic activity, which can pave the way for the rest of your day and the accomplishments you can achieve.


Step 6: Clear surface clutter

Surface clutter can be a problem in every room of a house. So, remove it from every surface and give yourself some extra space in the process.

Clear surfaces can also make you feel quite calm because your mind doesn’t have to internalise and manage the chaos and disorganisation it sees!

For example:

  • Put your makeup back in your makeup bag. Don’t leave it on your dressing table.
  • Put your books back on the shelf instead of leaving them on the coffee table.
  • Store your magazines instead of leaving them on the floor.
  • Pop cables (like chargers) in the drawer when not in use.
  • Keep your jewellery safe in a jewellery box instead of leaving it on the countertop.

If you need to buy some storage solutions such as vacuum storage bags, do so!


Step 7: Wipe surfaces

Once you’ve removed the surface clutter from the room, you can give every surface a wipe-down. To do this, you can use a duster, a damp cloth, or a multipurpose surface cleaner. You can even make your own cleaning potion if you like! 

(Choose the most suitable tool and solution for the surface you want to clean). 


Step 8: Dust

Dusting surface

In addition to the obvious surfaces, like TV stands, bedside cabinets and coffee tables, you should also dust the light fitting(s), window sills and any pictures/items hanging on the wall in the room.


Step 9: Shake mats outside

Once you’re done dusting, you can shake any mats and throws you have in the room outside to dislodge the dust and debris that landed on them during the previous step.


Step 10: Hoover

Vacuuming bedroom floor

Just to make sure your room is extra clean and free from dust, run your hoover around the room to clean the floor and remove dust particles.

If possible, try to get under the bed/table and move wardrobes/sideboards out to clean the dust, cobwebs and general grime that’s accumulated under/behind these surfaces. Skip this step if the furniture is heavy and you don’t have someone to help you move them.


Step 11: Replace anything you have washed

If you’ve washed any throws or bedding, it’s now time to replace them, or in the case of a bed, to re-make it with fresh bedding. (If you already have fresh sheets and pillowcases at hand, use them).


Step 12: Spray air freshener

Spraying air freshener in bedroom

As a final step, you can spray some air freshener into the room to make it aromatically pleasing.

Tip: Play some of your favourite music in the background to help motivate yourself for the task ahead.


How Can I Clean a Room In 10 Minutes?

Tidying room in 10 minutes

Ten minutes isn’t exactly a huge amount of time to clean a whole room. So instead of trying to fit loads of tasks (like all the steps listed above) into this timeslot, focus on the most important jobs!

In 10 minutes, you should be able to do the following at a minimum:

  • Pick up obvious obstacles, like dirty clothes and pop them in the washing basket.
  • Store items properly. For example, put your clothes back on hangers or put the books back on the shelf.
  • Take out the rubbish and replace the bin bag with a new one.
  • Make the bed or plump up the cushions and fold a blanket(s).
  • Hoover the room (you won’t have enough time to move furniture around, so just hoover the surface you can see).
  • Spray some air freshener into the area.

Tip: If you’re having trouble staying motivated, make a game out of the cleaning activity. Set a timer for, say 10 minutes, and see how much you can clean in this time. Record your high score and try to beat it the next time you clean your room.


How Can I Clean a Room In 15 Minutes?

As above, 15 minutes isn’t a lot of time to clean a room thoroughly, but there are tasks you can carry out that’ll make the room look a lot tidier within this timeframe. Here they are:

  • You should be able to carry out all the tasks listed above (under how do you clean a room in 10 minutes).
  • In addition, you could dust some surfaces.
  • Wipe surfaces with a multipurpose cleaner.

Tip: Some rooms are bigger and dirtier than others, so ask a family member to come and help you out – especially with any heavy lifting work!


How Can I Clean a Room In 1 Hour?

In an hour time slot, you should be able to achieve a lot of the steps noted above (Steps 1 to 12).

However, if you’re stuck for time, choose the most essential jobs that will give you the quickest wins and do them first. Then carry out the tasks that’ll take you longer to complete another time.

If you stay on top of the ‘basic tasks’ and make a habit of doing them daily/every few days, (like making the bed, hoovering and cleaning the mess off the floor), you’ll be able to clean a room a lot quicker because the ‘basic tasks’ will become second nature to you. You’ll essentially carry the jobs out quickly and without much thought.

Consequently, you can dedicate more time to bigger and more time-consuming jobs.

Tip: A simple way to keep track of what you need to clean in your room is to create a checklist. As you complete an activity, you can tick it off the list! This is a quick and easy way to monitor your progress and to keep you interested in the work.


How to Keep Your Room Tidy

Tidy bedroom

Here are a few tips to help you keep your room tidy:

  • Don’t leave clothes and other objects on the floor.
  • Empty and take out the rubbish bag frequently.
  • Try not to eat and leave plates in the room.
  • Allow plenty of fresh air into the room.
  • Hoover often.
  • Run a duster over the surfaces every week to keep dust at bay.
  • Declutter your room of unwanted items every few weeks to give yourself more space.
  • Mop up any spillages as soon as they happen – don’t leave grime to fester because it can stain surfaces and become smelly!
  • Sanitise the surfaces you touch a lot – door handles, bedding, drawer handles and light switch, for example.
  • Carry out small cleaning jobs throughout the week so you don’t have to do everything in one go! Working like this is a lot more manageable, and you’re more likely to build a habit of carrying out small cleaning tasks rather than massive ones.
  • Keep a few cleaning tools near/in the room so you can use them when you need them – a dustpan and brush, microfibre cloths and some multipurpose wipes/spray would be handy to start you off.
  • Put things away after you’ve used them – for example, pop your makeup back in your makeup bag, put your earrings and necklace back in your jewellery box, and put the book you’ve finished reading back on the shelf.

Tip: Think of how you can ‘reward’ yourself for carrying out the cleaning work. This ‘reward’ will keep you energised and motivated throughout the task.