What Temperature Should You Wash Net Curtains At?

What Temperature Should You Wash Net Curtains At?

Net curtains might not be something you think about washing very often, but they are certainly something that should be tackled from time to time. 

If you don’t wash your net curtains at least every now and again, they will lose their bright white colour and end up dull. If you go too long without washing your net curtains, they can even end up damaged from the debris and dirt.

Exactly how you wash your net curtains will depend on the manufacturer’s recommendations, with some net curtains being machine washable and others being hand wash only.

Machine Washing

Machine Washing Temperature for net curtains

Modern washing machines often have a delicate cycle, which is ideal for net curtains. 

The exact temperature this function works at will vary depending on the machine, however it is typically either 20°C or 30°C. The general rule of thumb with net curtains is to wash them with as cool water as possible!

If you are machine washing your net curtains, you need to make sure that you use a good quality detergent. 

Some detergents will struggle to get good cleaning results at temperatures as cool as 20°C or 30°C, so look for one specifically designed for cleaning delicate fabrics at this kind of temperature.


Hand Washing

Temperature for Hand Washing Net Curtain

If your net curtains do have to be hand washed, you should do so at a maximum of 30°C. For very delicate net curtains, use lukewarm or even cool water instead.

For most net curtains, a ratio of 1 part detergent to 30 parts water is ideal. Simply soak the net curtains in the water, before agitating with your hands. Drain away the detergent and rinse a couple of times until the water runs clear.

Always dry net curtains carefully, and never tumble dry them.


Drying Net Curtains

Drying Net Curtains naturally

Net curtains need to be handled with care, and that is why they should be washed on temperatures that are as low as possible. In the same way, net curtains are very rarely suitable for tumble drying.

Instead, if the net curtains are very wet after washing, you can lay them out flat and roll them up in a towel that can soak up the excess water. If they aren’t that wet, you can instead simply hang them back up to dry naturally in place.