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Best Vacuum Storage Bags (2024 UK)

Vacuum storage bags are one of those products that aren’t completely essential, but once you use them, you can’t imagine how you ever lived without them.

A good vacuum storage bag seems to work like magic, shrinking clothes and bedding so you can easily fit it into your suitcase, attic or under your bed.

We’ve researched the market and picked out some of the best vacuum storage bags currently available in the UK.


Best Vacuum Storage Bags in the UK

1. Spacesaver Premium Vacuum Storage Bags

Spacesaver's Space Bags Vacuum Storage Bags (Jumbo Vacuum Storage Bags 6-Pk) Save 80% Space - Vacuum Bags for Comforters and Blankets, Bedding, Compression Seal for Closet Storage - Pump for Travel

Dimensions: 25.4 x 20.3 x 6.9 cm (Jumbo size)
Number of bags: 6

These vacuum storage bags from Spacesaver are especially good for duvets, blankets and other large bedding items thanks to their extra-large size.

They also work well for clothes, and come with a handy travel pump for when you don’t have a vacuum cleaner to hand.

Space Saver claim these bags can reduce the volume of clothes by 80%, though in practice it will be closer to 50% for most people.

The double and triple-seal valves are designed to remove as much air as possible.

These bags are made from anti-microbial materials to create a virtually sterile environment where mould and bacteria can’t flourish.
A travel pump is included, so you don’t need to use a vacuum cleaner to seal the bags.

These bags are nice and large. They’re big enough for a kingsize duvet.

Most people find them to be strong and airtight, though some users have had issues with them not staying airtight.

Overall, these are some of the best vacuum storage bags you can get in the UK, especially if you want to store large items like blankets and duvets.


2. Hibag Space Saver Bags Vacuum Compression Storage Bags

Vacuum Storage Bag, Vacuum Seal Bag for Moving, Storage and Shipping (15 Combo)

Dimensions: From 16 x 24” to 27.5 x 39.35”
Number of bags: 15

These 15 vacuum storage bags come in different sizes, so you can use them for all kinds of clothes and bedding. The smallest bags are good for things like t-shirts and sweaters, while biggest bags can fit double duvets.

One nice thing about this product is that it comes with a hand pump which you can use to remove air if you don’t have a vacuum cleaner available or you vacuum cleaner’s nozzle doesn’t fit the bags.

These bags come in a good range of sizes, and you also get a hand pump which could be very useful for travelling.

Some people find that the bags don’t stay fully sealed and start to take air in quickly, but reviews are generally very positive.


3. BoxLegend Vacuum Storage Bags Space Saving Bags

BoxLegend Vacuum Storage Bags Space Saving Bags 15pcs Thicker Type 100 Microns 1XXL + 2XL+ 5L + 5M + 2S Double Zip Seal & Leak Valve Reusable for Clothes Comforters Bedding Pillow

Dimensions: From 40 x 60 cm to 90 x 120 cm
Number of bags: 6 jumbo or 15 in different sizes

These bags from BoxLegend come in different sizes, and you can choose the exact configuration you want. For example, you could choose a set of six jumbo bags, or a set of 15 bags in different sizes.

The manufacturer claims that you can shrink things by 80% by using these vacuum storage bags.

These bags seem very strong, and there is a good choice of different sizes available.

Some people find that they don’t stay sealed and start to reinflate quickly, but unfortunately this is a common complaint with almost all vacuum storage bags.


4. SPACE MAX Premium Vacuum Storage Bags

Variety 8 Pack - SPACE MAX Premium Space Saver Vacuum Storage Bags - Save 80% More Storage Space - Reusable, Double Zip Seal & Leak Valve, Includes Travel Hand Pump

Dimensions: Starting from 60 x 40 cm
Number of bags: 8

SPACE MAX vacuum packed bags allow you to increase storage space without throwing away any of your favourite things.

Eight bags are included, as well as a convenient travel pump.

These bags can keep your clothes protected from water and odours, but they are prone to inflating over time if they’re not sealed correctly.

Overall, these SPACE MAX bags are a good choice for compressing large volumes of clothes into smaller spaces.


5. UOUNE Vacuum Storage Bags

Vacuum Storage Bags 6 Bags - 2 Jumbo + 2 Extra Large + 2 Medium Reusable Storage Bags with Travel Hand Pump for Duvets, Bedding, Pillows, Clothes, Quilts, Sweater, Comforters, Dresses, Suitcases

Dimensions: From 50 x 70 cm to 70 x 100 cm
Number of bags: 6

These storage bags come in a range of sizes including medium (50 x 70 cm), extra large (60 x 80 cm) and jumbo (70 x 100 cm).

The jumbo bags are large enough for a large quilt or a double duvet, so they are a good choice for storing bulky bedding.

These bags have a double-zip seal and a triple-seal valve to help stop air re-entering.

One useful addition is that you get a travel hand pump included when you buy a pack of these storage bags. However, some people find the hand pump very slow to use.

These storage bags are strong, and the range of sizes is good. The hand pump included is a nice addition, but it’s much quicker to use a vacuum cleaner instead.


6. Spedalon Vacuum Storage Bags

Vacuum Storage Bags - Pack of 8 (4 Large (100x80cm) + 4 Medium (80x60cm)) | ReUsable with free Hand Pump for travel packing

Dimensions: 100 cm x 80 cm (large); 80 cm x 60 cm (medium)
Number of bags: 8

These vacuum storage bags from Spedalon are sold in packs of eight bags, including four large and four medium-sized bags. They contain some smart features such as a double-zip seal and a triple-seal valve, as well as a hand pump included in the package.

Spedalon claim that these bags will reduce the volume of clothes stored by up to 75%, and also offer a lifetime guarantee.

These vacuum bags are very reliable and strong, and offer a generous amount of space. The two sizes provided are good for storing all kinds of clothes and bedding, though you may need to order more than eight bags if you have a large family.


7. Viridescent Vacuum Storage Bags

Viridescent – Space Saver Vacuum Storage Bags with Hand Pump – 5 Pack: 2 Large 3 Jumbo – Premium Travel Vacuum Pack Bags for Suitcase, Clothes, Duvets, Pillows, Quilts, Bedding – Heavy Duty – AirTight

Dimensions: 100 cm x 80 cm (extra-large); 80 cm x 60 cm (large)
Number of bags: 5

These vacuum storage bags from Viridescent are sold in packs of five with two large bags and three extra-large bags.

The extra-large bags are big enough for things like duvets, curtains and skiwear, while the large bags are a good size for regular clothes.

These storage bags use tough, durable plastic and are generously sized. The two different sizes provided make them versatile, so you can easily store not just your clothes but also bigger things like duvets.

These bags are hard to fault. They’re especially recommended if you’re looking for something strong and spacious.


About Vacuum Storage Bags

Why use vacuum storage bags?

Vacuum storage bags offer a very space-efficient way of storing things like clothes and bedding. By sucking the air out of these items, their volume is reduced and they take up less space.

This is useful if you want to store a lot of clothes in a small attic or under your bed. It’s also useful when you’re travelling and want to fit lots of things in your suitcase, or when you’re moving house.

Another advantage of vacuum storage bags is that they protect clothes and other items from damp, mould, moths and other things that might damage them.

This means that you can store things in a damp garage or attic without worrying about them getting damaged, provided the storage bags are high quality.

To summarise, here are some of the most common uses of vacuum storage bags:

  • Reducing the amount of space clothes, bedding and cushions take up so they can be stored more easily.
  • Protecting clothes from dust and moths.
  • Organising clothes.
  • Keeping things dry and protected from mould and bacteria.

Using a vacuum storage bag


How do vacuum storage bags work?

Vacuum storage bags are simple and easy to use. You fold your clothes or bedding, place them in the bag, and then zip it up.

Next, you vacuum out the air using a valve, which usually takes about 30 seconds.

You can also use vacuum storage bags without a vacuum cleaner by using a hand pump instead.

Many storage bags are sold with a hand pump which is a quick and convenient way to vacuum seal storage bags, though it does require a bit of elbow grease.

You can also buy a hand pump separately, such as this one from FLEXTAILGEAR.


What to look for in good vacuum storage bags

There’s a huge amount of choice when it comes to vacuum storage bags, so it can be difficult knowing which to choose. Here are some things to look for

  • Guarantee: Many vacuum storage bags are sold with a guarantee. This often means that if the bags aren’t airtight, you can get them replaced or receive your money back.
  • Hand pump: Often you can get a free hand pump when you buy vacuum storage bags, which is useful for when you don’t have a vacuum cleaner to hand.
  • Good micron thickness: The thickness of plastic storage bags is usually measured in microns, or micrometres. One micron is a millionth of a metre. To give you a point of reference, human hair is between 17 and 181 microns thick.
  • Positive reviews and ratings: Look for vacuum storage bags with good reviews and ratings, especially from people who have owned the bags for a long time and have found them to stay airtight.

Clothes in a vacuum storage bag


Vacuum Storage Bags FAQs

How long do vacuum storage bags last?

Vacuum storage bags are reusable and can last for years. However, many people find that they eventually develop small holes or the seal stops working, rendering them useless.

It’s really hard to predict how long your bags will last before this happen: It could be as little as week or longer than a year.


Are vacuum bags good for duvets?

You can use vacuum bags to store duvets provided they are big enough. A 90 x 60 x 30 cm storage bag is a good size for a double duvet. However, they shouldn’t be used for down or feather duvets though, as squashing the feathers will damage them.


Do vacuum storage bags actually work?

Sometimes vacuum storage bags start to reinflate quite quickly even if you take care to seal them properly. This is very disappointing and means they don’t serve their purpose.

However, other vacuum storage bags work well and keep their seal for months. It’s a bit of a lottery; sometimes if you buy a pack of vacuum storage bags you will find that some work and others don’t.

It’s easy for these bags to get tiny holes or for there to be a tiny gap in the seal. Vacuum storage bags are hit and miss; they can work perfectly or leave you disappointed.

Vacuum storage bags are all made in a very similar way, regardless of the brand. This means that they can all suffer from the same kinds of faults, and unfortunately there isn’t a brand that makes 100% reliable or unbreakable storage bags.



There isn’t a great amount of difference between different vacuum storage bags. However, if we had to pick just one set of storage bags to recommend, it would be Spacesaver’s Premium Vacuum Storage Bags since they are some of the most highly rated and popular vacuum storage bags in the UK.