Hoover Condenser Dryer Problems

Hoover Condenser Dryer Problems (& How to Solve Them!)

Hoover condenser dryers are becoming an increasingly common feature in people’s homes, but unfortunately, this means more are experiencing some of the problems that can come with this type of tumble dryer.


Common Hoover Condenser Dryer Problems

Burning Smell

Many of us will have encountered a burning smell coming from an electrical appliance at some point. In a condenser tumble dryer, this smell, fortunately, is usually absolutely nothing to be worried about.

A burning smell is often caused by a build-up of fluff and lint, when the machine gets hot, it starts to produce a nasty smell. To deal with this problem, you need to simply remove the offending fluff and lint.

First, check the filter found in the door and remove any fluff inside.

Remove the lower cover and take out the condenser. Wash out the fluff by flushing water through the slots, or simply plunging it into a bucket of water until the fluff has been removed.

Put everything back together and try the dryer again. Keep in mind that the smell might take a few minutes to clear.

Cycle Won’t Start

There are a few problems that can prevent a condenser dryer cycle from starting. One of the most common is that the water tank needs to be emptied. Once the tank is full, the dryer will stop working until the tank has been emptied.

Condenser dryers are designed to work in a habitable area of the home. If your condenser dryer is situated in a naturally cold area of your home, such as a garage, you might find that the dryer refuses to start if outside temperatures suddenly drop below zero.

Hoover condenser dryers are fitted with temperature sensors that cause it to shut down if it is too cold.

It is common in this case that the lights on the machine might just flash, but the cycle will not start.

To solve this problem, you can try turning a heater on in the room, or alternatively, remove the filter in the door, and use a hairdryer to blow warm air into the machine through the slot.

Once the machine’s sensors have warmed back up a little, the cycle should start without a problem.

A power fault is another problem that could stop a cycle from starting. Try another product in the same socket and see if that works. If it doesn’t, it may be the socket. If the other appliance does work, try swapping the fuse in the condenser dryer’s plug.

Dryer Switches Off After a Few Minutes of Use

If you are using an automatic cycle with only a small load, it may automatically stop before drying completely. In this case, it is better to use a timed programme instead of an automatic one.

Steaming Up the Room

Condenser dryers need a constant supply of cool air to work properly. If the machine has been installed in a confined space, such as a cupboard or small utility room, the walls may seem damp and moisture might build up around windows. It is recommended that you use the machine in well-ventilated rooms.


Error Messages and What They Mean

Error code E3

If your machine flags up with the E3 error message, this means that the water tank needs to be emptied.

Depending on your specific model, this might be in the door or behind the lower cover. Take out the tank, tip the water away, and when it is reinstalled, the machine should start.

Error code E4

The E4 error code is a faulty program selector. This could be just a temporary blip, so turn the machine off and on again, and try selecting the cycle again. If that doesn’t work, give Hoover themselves a call for advice.

Error code E5

The E5 error code is regarding the temperature sensor. This error is most likely to be a fault that will need professional repair. Give a repair centre or Hoover themselves a call to arrange an engineer’s visit.

Error code E6

E6 is a faulty electronic control unit. This error means that the electronic control unit may need to be either reprogrammed or replaced. Give Hoover technical support a call for advice on how best to proceed.

Error codes E7 or E9

If either E7 or E9 appears on the dryer’s display, switch the machine off, and remove the filter in the door. Empty away the fluff and debris and try again. If the fault persists, it may be due to another cause, and it is worth giving Hoover’s technical support a call.

Error code E11

Should the machine flag with error code E11, first, clean the filter in the door as with errors 7 and 9. After cleaning the filter, take out and clean any fluff build-up in the condenser too.


What Is a Condenser Dryer?

Condenser tumble dryers are common for one simple reason – practicality. All types of tumble dryer are designed for one purpose, but the difference between them is how they dispose of the excess moisture and damp air that the drying process creates.

Vented tumble dryers dispose of the damp air through an outlet and hose, but that means that they need to be positioned near a vent or window.

Condenser dryers, by comparison, collect the water vapour in a container that just needs to be emptied from time to time. 

There are also heat pump tumble dryers, which work by 

Despite the convenience, condenser dryers do bring their own problems to the table, but fortunately, many are nothing to be concerned about and can be solved easily.