Where to Put a Tumble Dryer in a Small House

Where to Put a Tumble Dryer in a Small House

When it comes to small house living, I think we can all agree that space is one of the most precious commodities we have. When you’re living in a small space, it’s easy to fill every inch of space with furniture and appliances, but is this really the best use of our space?

The best place to put a tumble dryer in a small house? It depends on how large your house is, and how much space you have. But, the right location will ensure that it runs efficiently and saves you time and energy.

We all know the best places to put a washing machine. And we know where to put a refrigerator. But how do we know where to put a tumble dryer?

Read on and we’ll explore the different ways to decide where to put your dryer, and we’ll also provide tips for choosing the right location.

Where Can You Put a Tumble Dryer in a Small House?

Most people would think that they have a lot of space to work with in their homes. However, as you start looking at different things that need to be done to keep everything organised, you realise that there might not be enough room.

1. Stack your appliances

stack tumble dryer on top of washing machine

If there’s space to stand the tumble dryer on top of another appliance such as the washing machine, then this can save a lot of floor space.

However, you need to consider how any vibrations of both washing machine and tumble dryer will affect the situation. You don’t want the tumble dryer vibrating off the top of the washing machine!

There are special types of fixings available to allow for this type of installation to be done in safety.

2. Garage

washing machine and tumble dryer in garage

This is very dependent on whether or not you have electricity in your garage and easy access to the garage. It’s the optimum solution from a space point of view because it gets the tumble dryer out of the main house and so takes up no space inside the house.

But the space savings have to be balanced against the inconvenience of leaving the house and going to the garage every time you wish to dry some laundry.

Imagine if it’s raining hard when you need to remove your washing!

Also, you should keep your garage at a temperature of at least 5°C to prevent the cold from damaging your machine.

3. Bathroom

washing machine and tumble dryer in bathroom

If there’s a space in your bathroom for a tumble dryer, then this might be the ideal location.

Your bathroom is already a moist area of your house and should have the required ventilation to get rid of any moisture caused by the tumble dryer – so consider a corner of your bathroom if possible.

4. Get creative

Consider all the odd spaces that you have around your home. Are they large enough for a tumble dryer? Could you re-purpose them for the tumble dryer to organise your home better?

But always remember the drawbacks of confined spaces.


The Location Will Depend on the Type of Tumble Dryer

Vented tumble dryers

vented tumble dryer vent hose installation

Vented tumble dryers require an outlet for air to the outside of the home. This directs the moisture from the laundry out of the property. So, these types of tumble dryers need to be located near an external wall of the property.

Condenser tumble dryers

condenser dryer plugged in

Condenser dryers are compact and versatile devices that are used to keep clothes fresh and clean. They do this by removing moisture from the air and transferring it to a sealed tank within the machine. The tank can be emptied at any time and the machine doesn’t need a lot of space. As long as there’s electricity close by, you can place a condenser tumble dryer almost anywhere.