Best Washing Machines with a 5-Year Guarantee

When buying a new washing machine, you want to make sure you’re covered if anything goes wrong. Some machines come with just 1 year guarantees but there are some which have a great 5 year guarantee!

After researching the market, here are 5 of the best washing machines available in the UK with a 5-year guarantee. Make sure to double-check the terms of the guarantee before ordering one of these machines.

1. Samsung WW80J5555FW

Samsung ecobubble WW80J5555FW 8 kg 1400 Spin Washing Machine

Drum capacity: 8 kg
Type: Freestanding
Energy rating: A+++

Samsung are a great brand to choose when it comes to washing machines and having a 5-year guarantee makes them all the better. This WW80J5555FW model is a good family sized 8 kg machine with a spin speed of 1400 rpm and a great A+++ rating.

If you often want to carry out quick washes, then you can have a small load washed in just 15 minutes! Other settings include Baby Care, Bedding and Delicates as well as a handy Eco Drum Clean feature to keep your washing machine as clean as you want your laundry to be.

This washing machine is in neutral white so you can match it to your other appliances, which is perfect for those who love a cohesive kitchen or wash house.

You may have heard the term ‘ecobubble technology’ which helps to save money on your energy bills; this is a great feature for a new washing machine to have, so this Samsung is a super option. The detergent draw in the Samsung WW80J5555FW is designed to prevent detergent from building up and uses powerful water jets that help to keep it clean.

This washing machine is a little on the pricey side, which may be due to the 5-year guarantee, but it has a large capacity and is a really well made appliance. It runs smoothly, quietly and has the helpful tune at the end of a cycle to let you know it needs emptying.

Some cycles are quite long running, including the wash specifically for white clothing, which does end up costing more in energy bills. Overall though, this machine is a good all-rounder!

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2. Samsung AddWash WW80K5410UW

Samsung AddWash WW80K5410UW Washing Machine

Drum capacity: 8 kg
Type: Freestanding
Energy rating: A+++

One of the fab things about the Samsung AddWash is that you can pop those stray socks and pants that get dropped on the way to the washing machine, straight in through a handy little door mid-cycle. Due to the aforementioned handy feature and the brilliant 5-year guarantee, the WW80K5410UW model is a little on the expensive side.

The Bubble Soak technology helps to remove more stubborn stains from your laundry, which is great for baby clothes or wine-stained table cloths. This technology means it is cheaper to run your washing cycle than with other washing machines.

The Super Eco Wash cycle will clean laundry as efficiently as a warmer wash using less energy, and there is also a special cycle for dark garments as well as an Outdoor Care option, making this a great washing machine for a family of hikers or adventurers!

If you only need a small wash done quickly, you can wash a 2 kg load in just 15 minutes; super for any school shirts or gym kits that need to be done at the last minute. An A+++ energy rating means this machine is eco friendly as well as pocket friendly, saving you money over time by using less energy than many other washing machines.

The Samsung AddWash WW80K5410UW is perfect for family households who carry out daily washes with a variety of clothing items, bedding and towels, with a good sized 8 kg drum. The AddWash is also available with a 9 kg capacity for even larger families.

It’s a pretty smart looking washing machine, but it can be a little noisy if placed on an uneven surface (as with most machines). There are plenty of wash settings to choose from, but some do take a fair amount of time. Some do not allow for temperature changes and certain cycles may need an extra spin to remove more moisture from the laundry.

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3. Siemens WM14Q478GB

Siemens WM14Q478GB Freestanding Washing Machine

Drum capacity: 8 kg
Type: Freestanding
Energy rating: A+++

The Siemens WM14Q478GB freestanding washing machine has a good sized drum with an 8 kg capacity, making it a great choice for a family household. If being eco friendly is important to you, then the A+++ energy rating of this machine will be right up your street.

This model can reduce the washing time of most presets by up to 60%, making your energy bills lower with every bit of time saved. As with the above Samsung machines, the Siemens also has a quick wash setting of just 15 minutes for any last-minute items or delicates just needing a rinse.

There are some rather fancy sounding wash settings including Textile Guard Re-proofing, Aquatronic Wash and Multiple Water Protection (the manual may come in handy here!)

There’s a setting especially for sportswear, so this would be a great machine for those who like to hit the gym daily. There is the option to delay the start time of your wash up to 24 hours, which is great for coming home to laundry fresh and ready to be emptied.

Due to the sensors inside the drum, some larger items such as bed clothes can cause the drum to stop spinning, so it’s best to be careful with how much you put into one wash load when larger items are involved. Although the eco settings reduce wash times, any stubborn stains may not be removed as effectively, for the best results a full wash cycle is usually necessary.

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4. Samsung WW90J5456MA ecobubble

Samsung WW90J5456MA ecobubble Freestanding Washing Machine

Drum capacity: 9 kg
Type: Freestanding
Energy rating: A+++

Another Samsung on our list of the best washing machines with a 5-year guarantee, is the WW90J5456MA ecobubble. The perfect choice for a large household, as it has a drum capacity of 9 kg.

If you wash a lot of delicate items or baby clothes, the Diamond Drum is sure to protect your clothes from any damage during the wash and the Bubble Soak technology will help to remove tough stains. The Samsung WW90J5456MA allows you to delay your wash by up to 24 hours which is great for busy parents or people who work night shifts, perfect to suit your routine.

With an A+++ rating, this washing machine could help you to save energy, therefore saving money on your energy bills and who doesn’t love saving money?! Although it’s relatively pricey for a washing machine, Samsung is a reliable brand with some really great, easy to use products and a 5-year guarantee to top it off.

The spin cycle is a little bit noisy, but for the most part of the wash, it runs nice and quietly with really great results. The 1400 rpm spin means clothes come out drier than with slower spins and a 15-minute quick wash means last minute laundry is not a problem!

This machine is a super all-rounder as it has a great weight capacity, is reasonably priced and has very similar features to many washing machines which cost more. Oh, and it plays a lovely little tune when the washing is done!

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5. Miele WDB030

Miele WDB030 Freestanding Eco Washing Machine

Drum capacity: 7 kg
Type: Freestanding
Energy rating: A+++

The Miele WDB030 Eco washing machine has a drum capacity of 7 kg, which is perfect for a smaller household and maybe for couples who let their washing build up a little too much! The priciest machine in this roundup and with the smallest capacity, the Miele WDB030 is very well built with clever design features making it easy to keep clean and easy to use. The honeycomb drum means your clothing will be protected throughout the wash cycle, making this great for delicate clothing or wool items.

From an eco-friendly point of view, this machine is a really good option, with temperature settings of Cold and 20° C to help you save as much energy as possible when washing clothes. The technology in the machine’s drum assesses the load by weight and uses only the amount of water needed for that wash load, again, saving energy and helping to be more environmentally friendly.

The Miele is a fab option for people who have a lot of clothes with special washing requirements because the CapDosing feature means only a certain amount of detergent is released to suit the wash cycle.

If you have a larger budget for a good quality washing machine and do not need too big a capacity, then the Miele might be the one for you.

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Washing machines with longer guarantees usually mean they have been built really well, so they are confident enough to offer longer cover for breakdown or parts. There are some really great choices above to suit different budgets and suit different households, so hopefully this has helped you in your washing machine purchasing decision!

If we had to pick just one machine to recommend it would be the Samsung WW80J5555FW as it has a generous drum capacity, is very energy efficient and should last you a long time.


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