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Best 12 kg Washing Machines (2024 UK)

Finding a washing machine that matches your household dynamic needs is crucial, and 12 kg washing machines are a fantastic option for busy family homes. Their large drum capacity can handle bigger loads of laundry, reducing the frequency of your washes.

However, as the demand for larger laundry capacities grows, many top appliance brands have launched 12 kg washers. The choice can be overwhelming, with many homeowners asking the same question: Which are the best 12 kg washing machines?

Here, we review the best five large-capacity washing machines in the UK. We compare essential features – such as energy efficiency, noise level, and washing programs – to help you find the right appliance for your family.

So, whether you’re a busy household juggling daily wear or someone who values efficiency in their laundry routine, this guide will help you find a suitable washer for your home.


The Best 12 kg Washing Machines in the UK

1. Haier i-Pro Series 7 HW120-B14979

Haier i-Pro Series 7 HW120-B14979 washing machine

Dimensions: H850 x W595 x D600 mm
Maximum Spin Speed: 1400 rpm
Energy Rating: A Class
Noise Level: 69 decibels

The Haier i-Pro Series 7 HW120-B14979 is a laundry powerhouse designed to effortlessly handle large loads with its 12kg drum capacity.

It’s particularly suitable for those who value the convenience of steam technology, which kills bacteria and reduces the creasing of your garments.  

We also have to praise this appliance for its super-quiet operation, thanks to the innovative Direct Motion Motor.

With a noise level of 69 decibels, it’s one of the quietest washing machines on the market while still reaching high spin speeds of 1400 rpm.

Its advanced motor also helps to reduce energy consumption, helping you keep your household energy bills down.

Additionally, this 12 kg washer is one of the best washing machines if you frequently deal with tough stains. The Stain Blaster washing programme uses high temperatures to help shift stubborn stains.

It also has a few handy extra features, such as a light inside the drum (say goodbye to stray socks), an LED display, and a 24-hour delay start timer.


2. LG V7 F4V712WTSE

LG V7 F4V712WTSE washing machine

Dimensions: H850 x W600 x D615 mm
Maximum Spin Speed: 1360 rpm
Energy Rating: B Class
Noise Level: 71 decibels

The LG V7 F4V712WTSE is a sleek and modern 12 kg washing machine designed for a perfect balance between efficiency and style.

Its white exterior, made from durable materials, houses advanced features and energy-efficient technology that justifies its relatively higher price.

One notable feature that busy family households will appreciate is its TurboWash™ feature. This program can get through laundry loads in less than one hour, far faster than competing appliances. 

Other advanced features include Steam™ and Intelligent Care. The former technology eliminates 99.9% of allergens from your laundry, making it a safe option for those with allergies or sensitivities.

Intelligent Care protects your clothes up to 18% more by detecting the type of material and choosing the right motion and spin speed accordingly. It’s got all the features you could need in a washer.


3. Hoover H-WASH 500 HW412AMC/1

Hoover H-WASH 500 HW412AMC1 washing machine

Dimensions: H850 x W600 x D680 mm
Maximum Spin Speed: 1400 rpm
Energy Rating: A Class
Noise Level: 80 decibels

If you want a budget washing machine that doesn’t sacrifice quality, the Hoover H-WASH 500 HW412AMC/1 could be the one.

Available in white and black, it seamlessly blends into any kitchen. However, with H850 x W600 x D680 mm dimensions, it takes up a bit more floor space than the average washing machine.

Priced reasonably, this washing machine offers excellent value for money, especially considering its substantial 12 kg load capacity and advanced features.

Like many more up-market washers, it offers steam technology, allergy care cycles, delay start options, and rapid wash programmes that clean clothes within as little as 14 minutes.

Even more impressive is that the Hoover H-WASH 500 offers enhanced washing performance through the hOn App. This mobile app provides access to additional cycles, maintenance updates, remote status checks, end-of-cycle notifications, and stain guides.

Plus, with a Class A energy rating, you can continue to save money with this washing machine long after the initial purchase.


4. LG TrueSteam™ FH4G1BCS2

LG TrueSteam FH4G1BCS2 washing machine

Dimensions: H850 x W600 x D675 mm
Maximum Spin Speed: 1400 rpm
Energy Rating: A Class
Noise Level: 71 decibels

Another of the best 12 kg washing machines is the LG TrueSteam™ FH4G1BCS2.

Measuring 67.5 cm deep, it isn’t as compact as some competitors, and being a freestanding washing machine, it requires standalone space to live. However, its large capacity makes it a fantastic addition to family homes with a little extra room.

In terms of performance, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better washing machine. The LG TrueSteam™ FH4G1BCS2 is celebrated for its TurboWash™ efficiency, TrueSteam™ allergen elimination, and the Speed 14 program’s quick results.

The Pause & Add feature adds to the machine’s practicality, allowing you to pause and add forgotten garments mid-cycle.

We were also impressed with the LG ThinQ™ technology that takes laundry management to the next level.

The smart connectivity allows control from anywhere, provides maintenance reminders, and even offers Proactive Customer Care for issue alerts. This takes the stress out of laundering your clothes and helps you extend the lifespan of your washing machine.


5. Hisense WFQA1214EVJMT

Hisense WFQA1214EVJMT washing machine

Dimensions: H850 x W600 x D660 mm
Maximum Spin Speed: 1400 rpm
Energy Rating: A Class
Noise Level: 72 decibels

Finally, the HiSense WFQA1214EVJMT Washing Machine is a budget-friendly option offering exceptional value. This is especially true considering the washing machine’s generous 12 kg capacity, perfect for larger households, and advanced features and wash programmes.

For example, the PureJet feature utilises powerful jets to dissolve detergent into fabrics, ensuring a thorough wash for stubborn dirt.

You then have the Steam Setting, which eliminates bacteria and reduces creases for hygienic and wrinkle-free clothes.

At the same time, the Pause & Add feature allows the addition of extra clothes mid-cycle for added flexibility and convenience.

Overall, the Hisense WFQA1214EVJMT offers an excellent balance of efficiency, convenience, and advanced features.

It’s a reliable choice for large households seeking a powerful and versatile washing machine.

However, ensure you measure the designated area for the freestanding washing machine and consider the dimensions to accommodate the necessary pipes.


What Should You Look for in a 12 kg Washing Machine?

washing machine capacity

The primary advantage of a 12 kg washing machine is its large capacity. But before buying a new washer, assess whether this size suits your laundry needs.

A 12 kg washing machine is ideal for larger families or households with frequent and substantial laundry loads.

Washing machine capacity aside, there are several other factors you should consider to help you choose the best appliance for your household. These are as follows:


For 12 kg washing machines, you can expect dimensions of around 85 cm high x 60 cm wide x 66 cm deep. However, there is some variation, which is crucial to consider before making a purchase.

Always measure the designated space in your laundry area and ensure that the washing machine can fit.

If purchasing a freestanding washer, remember you’ll also need extra space around the washing machine to accommodate pipe connections and ventilation.


Washing programs

Selecting washing machine programme

Compare the available washing programs and features when in the market for a new washing machine.

Some options you might be interested in include delicate cycles, steam cleaning, and stain removal settings.

The more specific wash programs there are, the more efficiently your washer can work to tackle the particular needs of your garments.  

Quick wash washing machines are also useful for large families that most benefit from having a large 12 kg washing machine. These wash settings can help you get through your household laundry at a faster rate, giving you more time back in your day.


Additional functionality

Some modern washing machines have intelligent features, allowing you to control and monitor the appliance remotely through smartphone apps.

Assess if these features align with your preferences and lifestyle. They are useful for busy households, but washers with these advanced features often come at a higher price.

Other additional functionalities that you might be interested in include:

  • Delay start timers: Washing machines with delay start timers allow you to set your wash cycle to start at a later time. Busy households benefit most from this convenient option, making it easy to work your laundry around your routine.
  • Pause & add: Have you ever put your washing machine on, only to realise you’ve forgotten to wash certain items? If you have a washer with a Pause & Add option, this doesn’t matter. Conveniently pause the cycle, add your forgotten items, and hit the start button again.
  • Automatic dosing: Some 12 kg washing machines can calculate the exact amount of detergent needed for your load of laundry. Keep the detergent reservoir topped up, and the machine will do the dosing for you.
  • Sensor technology: One of the latest advancements in washing machines is sensor technology. Sensors can weigh your load and determine the fabric type, then precisely adjust the time and water usage for an energy-efficient wash that delivers excellent results.


Noise level

All washing machines make some noise, but some appliances are louder than others. Check the noise level of the washing machine, especially if it will be located near living spaces or in an open-plan home environment.

Look for machines with lower decibel levels for quieter operation. The average washing machine produces about 74 decibels of noise on the spin cycle, so anything below this is relatively quiet.

You might also benefit from a quiet washing machine if you are sensitive to noise, plan to run the washing machine at night, or have young children who could be easily disturbed by the sound. If household members work from home, having a quieter appliance can also help boost productivity.


Price and value for money

Finally, budget is an important consideration. The average price for a 12kg washing machine is around £570-£600.

However, you can find options for under £500, including the HiSense WFQA1214EVJMT and Hoover H-WASH 500 HW412AMC/1.

Of course, cheaper appliances do tend to lack advanced features and less quality parts than more expensive washers.

Therefore, while considering your budget, focus on the overall value for money. Energy savings, advanced features, and a longer lifespan might justify a higher upfront cost. However, you might also save money on laundry by doing fewer washes or using eco-friendly cycles.

putting clothes in washing machine


Do You Need a 12 kg Washing Machine?

The largest domestic washing machine capacities range from 10 kg to 15 kg, making a 12 kg washer one of the largest on the market.

These extra-large capacities are designed to accommodate substantial loads of laundry. They are suitable for larger households or individuals with high laundry demands.

For more help in deciding whether you need a 12 kg washing machine, consider the following factors related to your household and laundry habits:

  • Household size: A 12 kg washing machine is generally recommended for larger households with five or more members. If you have a smaller family or live alone, a smaller-capacity machine will probably be big enough to handle your laundry needs.
  • Laundry frequency: If you find yourself doing laundry frequently due to a high volume of clothes, bedding, or other items, a 12 kg washing machine can be useful. Larger washers reduce the number of cycles needed, saving you time and money on laundry costs.
  • Bulkier items: If you frequently wash large and bulky items (such as duvets, comforters, or bedding), a 12 kg machine provides the capacity to handle these items comfortably. It also prevents you from overloading your appliance with these extra-large items.
  • Space availability: Even if your household would benefit from a 12 kg washing machine, you must ensure you have sufficient space in your laundry area for these large appliances. Measure the dimensions carefully, including allowances for connections and ventilation.
  • Convenience: If you prefer doing fewer, larger loads of laundry rather than several smaller ones, a 12 kg washing machine can offer convenience and time savings. However, this relies on you having clothes made from similar colours and fabrics that can be washed together.

Ultimately, deciding to invest in a 12 kg washing machine depends on your circumstances.

If your household generates a significant amount of laundry and you have the space for a larger machine, a 12 kg washing machine could be a valuable addition to your home.

If, however, you have a smaller household or limited space, a smaller machine may be more practical.


Conclusion: The Best 12 kg Washing Machine to Buy

If you’re tight on budget, the Hoover H-WASH 500 HW412AMC/1 is a fantastic compromise between price and quality.

However, if we had to pick one 12 kg washing machine to recommend overall, it would be the Haier i-Pro Series 7 HW120-B14979.

It is the quietest and most compact 12 kg washer on our list, perfect for large families with lots of laundry.

You can take advantage of several intelligent wash cycles including Stain Blaster and Quick Wash options.

There’s also a convenient light inside the drum, an easy-to-use LED display, and a delay start timer. Plus, its A Class energy rating helps keep ongoing laundry costs down.