Can You Buy an American Top Loader Washing Machine in the UK

Can You Buy an American Top Loader Washing Machine in the UK?

Laundry is a part of life that, sadly, just cannot be avoided. However, a great washing machine that ticks all of your boxes can help make laundry concerns a thing of the past.

Front-loading washing machines have been a popular choice in the UK for many years, however, there is still a range of situations where a top loader may make more sense.

Can You Buy an American Top Loader Washing Machine in the UK?

Front-loading washing machines are much more common in the UK, and as a result, some people may assume top-loaders are hard to come by. However, this isn’t necessarily the case.

You might not have as many machines to choose from, but it is certainly possible to purchase an American-style top-loading washing machine in the UK.

Read our guide to the best top-loading washing machines in the UK to see your best options.

If you want a matching set, you can often purchase top-loading tumble dryers too.

There are several brands readily available on the UK market that do offer this type of machine, including popular brands Samsung, Speed Queen, Whirlpool, and Hotpoint.


Pros of Top Loader Washing Machines

Benefits of Top Loaders

Top loading washing machines offer a handful of benefits over the common front-loading machines we see in the UK.

To begin, top-loading washing machines can often run a full cycle in as little as 15 to 30 minutes, compared to the hour or more that is often expected from a front-loader.

Some of the more expensive top loader machines offer a much higher load capacity (some Whirlpool machines offer as much as 15kg), and the design of a top loader means that you can easily add those odd socks that you missed mid-cycle.

Top loaders tend to be taller and narrower than front-loading machines. Their smaller footprint means they can be a good choice for small spaces.


Cons of Top Loader Washing Machines

Cons of Top Loaders

On the other hand, some top loaders do require more maintenance than front-loading competitors. These machines can create a lot of lint because of the amount of friction laundry goes through during the cycle.

Top loaders aren’t as gentle as front loaders, and so they aren’t as good for washing delicate clothing.

They can use more water and detergent than front loaders, and they can be much less efficient when running on warm or hot water.


Important Considerations

If you are considering purchasing a top-loading washing machine, there are still a few things you should consider before going ahead.

Be sure to consider the layout of your home, and where you would ideally like your washing machine to be. Some spaces make more sense with a specific type of washing machine. Consider the size of the space, and how you would need to stand to load and unload the machine.

As with any new appliance, consider your budget, how energy efficient the machine is, and make sure you opt for a reliable, reputable brand.

Consider the types of cycle you are likely to run and use this information to determine what features you need your new washing machine to have. As an example, if you want to machine wash a lot of delicate clothing, you will need a washing machine with either a slow or dedicated delicate cycle to ensure the clothing isn’t damaged.