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Are Washer Dryers Vented or Condensing?

A washer dryer can be a very good appliance to have in the home. However, there are lots of things that need to be clarified about this appliance.

So today, we are going to explore whether washer dryers need to be vented and a few other misconceptions about washer dryers.

Finally, we will give our thoughts about whether a washer dryer is worth buying. So, if you are thinking of getting one of these machines for your home, you’re in the right place.


Do Washer Dryers Need to Be Vented in the UK?

Most washer dryers do not need to be vented. There may be a couple of exceptions to this, but most washer dryers are condensers.

This means that all the water drained from your clothes during the drying process is removed using the same hose that removes dirty water from the washing cycle.

So, when you run a drying cycle on a washer dryer machine, you don’t need to worry about emptying a tank. You also don’t need to install a vent hose, as all of the water is expelled from the machine for you.


Are Washer Dryers Worth It?

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Washer dryers are fantastic if you don’t have much space in your home for both a washing machine and a tumble dryer. Or if you would just like a machine takes care of everything. 

You can set the programme to wash and dry your clothes and leave it to run until it is finished.

There are lots of technological advancements being made in the washer dryer world right now, with more ways of making them, improved energy efficiency and new features to help you make the most of this awesome appliance.

However, if you have space for both a washing machine and a tumble dryer, you will get better results. Combining washing and drying in the same machine is difficult without making some compromises.

We hope this look at washer dryers has been helpful. For more info about all things washing related, please explore In The Wash further. We have everything you need to make your next load of washing the best one yet.