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Which Vented Tumble Dryers Have Reverse Action?

Drying your laundry efficiently and effectively while minimising wrinkles and fabric wear is a top priority for many households. This is where reverse action vented tumble dryers come in. The combination of these two technologies offers a gentle yet highly efficient drying without an excessive price tag.

However, finding appliances that combine reverse action with vented drying is difficult in the UK.

So, which vented tumble dryers have reverse action? Here, we explore three vented models boasting the advantageous reverse action feature.

Join us as we unravel the options available and shed light on the benefits of these technologies, helping you make informed choices for your laundry needs.


Best Vented Reverse Action Tumble Dryers in the UK

1. Indesit ‎I1D80WUK

Indesit Freestanding I1D80W 8kg Vented Tumble Dryer - White

Type: Freestanding, front-loading dryer
Capacity: 8 kg
Dimensions: 85 cm high x 59.5 cm wide x 67 cm deep
Energy Rating: C

The INDESIT I1D80WUK Vented Tumble Dryer is a significant upgrade for your laundry routine.

Its Turn&Go technology is a standout feature, requiring only a simple turn of the dial to initiate the drying process, adding huge convenience to its operation.

Maintenance is also hassle-free—the effective purse filter keeps the dryer free of lint and fluff, making cleaning effortless.

The ample 8 kg capacity is ideally suited for accommodating bigger loads, perfect if you have a busy household or large family.

Despite its powerful performance, the noise level remains impressively low at 69 dB(A), ensuring it won’t keep you up at night.

Features like adjustable feet at the front and reverse tumble action enhance its versatility.

Furthermore, the dryer offers a variety of programs like Cotton, Delicates, and Turn & Go, catering to all fabric types and drying requirements you might need.

Overall, the INDESIT I1D80WUK Vented Tumble Dryer is a reliable and efficient addition to any household.


2. Indesit NIS41VUK

Indesit 4kg Freestanding Front Vented Tumble Dryer - White

Type: Freestanding, front-loading dryer
Capacity: 4 kg
Dimensions: 67 cm high x 49 cm wide x 48 cm deep
Energy Rating: C

The compact Indesit NIS41VUK Vented Tumble Dryer is a perfect dryer for smaller spaces.

Standing at just 67 cm tall and 49 cm wide, this dryer fits into tighter spots compared to conventional models, making it ideal if you live in an apartment or smaller home. Yet despite its compact size, the NIS41VUK boasts impressive drying capabilities.

With a 4 kg load capacity and 13 versatile programs, it accommodates various loads and materials.

Notably, the refresh cycle breathes new life into lightly soiled garments in 10 minutes, a handy feature when you’re pressed for time and need a quick clothing refresh.

Using the machine is also a breeze—load your laundry, select the desired cycle, and let the NIS41VUK efficiently handle the rest.

In summary, the Indesit NIS41VUK Vented Tumble Dryer provides a convenient and efficient drying solution for compact living spaces.

Its compact design, impressive performance, and user-friendly interface make your laundry days a whole lot easier.


3. Hotpoint H1D80WUK

8kg Freestanding Vented Tumble Dryer - White

Type: Freestanding, front-loading dryer
Capacity: 8 kg
Dimensions: 85 cm high x 60 cm wide x 61 deep
Energy Rating: C

The Hotpoint H1D80WUK is a reliable and efficient vented dryer. It offers a drying capacity of 8 kg, making it great for busier households or larger families.

The appliance’s 16 diverse programmes – including options like 90′, 60′, and Refresh – cater to a variety of drying needs, providing you with flexibility and convenience.

This freestanding dryer comes in a sleek white design, blending seamlessly with any living space. The inclusion of features like anti-crease functionality, reverse tumble action, adjustable drying temperature, and an end-of-cycle indicator enhances its usability.

Plus, its rear side venting exit and adjustable feet for added stability during installation further contribute to its practicality.

With a maximum noise level of 69 dB and a C energy efficiency rating, the Hotpoint H1D80WUK strikes a balance between performance and noise levels.

In our opinion, it’s one of the best vented tumble dryers on the market, offering a blend of efficient drying, user-friendly features, and a sleek design.


What Is a Reverse Action Tumble Dryer?

In a standard tumble dryer, the drum rotates in one direction during the drying cycle, moving the clothes inside. However, as the name suggests, the drum in a reverse action tumble dryer alternates its rotation.

It periodically changes direction throughout the drying cycle. This helps clothes move in a more even and gentle manner, promoting efficient drying and reducing creasing.

This feature is especially beneficial for delicate or easily creased fabrics, as it ensures they are evenly dried without becoming entangled or excessively wrinkled.

Overall, a reverse action tumble dryer enhances the drying quality and helps maintain the integrity of the clothes.

tumble dryer dial settings


What Are the Benefits of a Reverse Action Tumble Dryer?

A reverse action vented dryer utilises both reverse action tumbling and a vented drying system to provide efficient and gentle clothes drying. Therefore, these appliances offer several benefits that standard dryers don’t, such as:

1. Reduced wrinkling and creasing

The periodic change in drum rotation direction prevents clothes from becoming tightly twisted or tangled together.

This gives the clothes more space and reduces wrinkles and creases in the garments, resulting in clothes that are easier to iron or wear straight from the dryer.


2. Gentler drying process

By changing the direction of rotation, clothes are also less likely to get caught on the drum’s walls. This reduces the risk of fabric potential damage to garments.

Fabrics experience less stress and are less likely to suffer from damage or excessive wear during the drying cycle.

Therefore, while beneficial for drying all types of materials, reverse action dryers are particularly useful for drying delicate and sensitive fabrics.

Compared to standard tumble dryers, they reduce the risk of stretching, shrinking, or damage during the drying process.


3. More even drying

Reverse action helps distribute the heat and airflow throughout the drum, ensuring that each garment receives the same level of drying.

This helps prevent some clothes from overdrying while others remain damp, enabling the dryer to dry clothes more evenly and efficiently.


4. Shorter drying times

As tumbler dyers with reverse action help even drying, they also result in shorter drying times.

Vented dryers also typically dry clothes more quickly than standard dryers, as the heat generated by the heating element accelerates the evaporation of moisture from the clothes.  

Drying times are substantially shorter by combining the reverse action and vented technologies.

Shorter cycles can also potentially lower the tumble dryer’s energy consumption, which is highly appreciated if you want to reduce your washing and drying costs.

loading clothes in tumble dryer


Should You Buy a Reverse Action Vented Dryer?

Whether you need a reverse action vented tumble dryer depends on your preferences, laundry habits, and priorities.

Here are some considerations to help you decide:

  • Fabric care: If you prioritise maintaining the quality of your clothes, especially delicate garments or easily wrinkled fabrics, a reverse action tumble dryer can be beneficial. Meanwhile, vented dryers are perfect for thick fabrics.
  • Convenience and efficiency: If you value an even drying process that’s efficient and minimises drying time, a reverse action vented dryer can be a good choice. The alternating drum movement and vented drying system both speed up drying time.
  • Ironing effort: If you wish to reduce your time spent ironing, a reverse action dryer can help. By minimising the risk of your clothes getting tangled and reducing wrinkles, clothes are easier to iron. They may not even require ironing at all.
  • Garment variety: If you have a diverse range of fabrics and garments in your laundry, a reverse action dryer provides versatility. It’s particularly useful for drying delicate items, towels, bedding, and mixed fabric loads without causing damage.
  • Affordability: Reverse-action dryers tend to be expensive, whereas vented dryers are more budget-friendly compared to heat pump or condenser dryers. A reverse action vented dryer is a good way to make the most of reverse action technology for under £300.

Ultimately, it’s about your personal preference and how you want your laundry to be handled.

If you’ve used a vented tumble dryer with reverse action before and appreciated its benefits, or if you’re looking for a more gentle and efficient drying experience, this type of dryer might suit your needs.