Reed diffuser and flowers

Best Air Fresheners for the Bathroom (2021 UK)

Keeping your bathroom smelling fresh is a tough job. Many products available will simply aim to overpower unpleasant odours with the strong scent of chemical flowers, so it certainly pays to search for better products. We recommend that buyers search for a product that has a pleasant scent and matches their requirements.

There are a whole range of types of air freshener:

  • Plug-ins
  • Scented candles
  • Toilet bowl fresheners
  • Reed diffusers
  • Automatic sprays
  • Room sprays

In this roundup, we’ll be picking out the best of each type to help you decide what products would work for you.

Best Air Fresheners for the Bathroom

1. Plug-in – Ambi Pur 3Volution Air Freshener

If you want to scent a room without having to actively spray fragrance in there frequently, a plug-in air freshener might be what you’re after. They periodically spray fragrance and can typically be customised to allow for different fragrance intensities.

The Ambi Pur 3Volution improves on the plug-in design by allowing for the user to install three different fragrances into the device at once. Once plugged in, the unit will periodically spray fragrance from one of the different scents, helping to make sure that you’re not overexposed to one fragrance.

Judging by user reports, it’s fair to say that this air freshener will do a good job at masking odours. Unfortunately, fragrances have to be purchased separately and can be rather expensive if the device is on a high setting.


2. Scented Candle – Yankee Candle Autumn Glow

This is a fantastic product from Yankee Candle, with the perfectly described “Autumn Glow” scent.

Containing subtle hints of earth and wood, the aroma is reminiscent of a brisk forest walk during the cold months of autumn.

Yankee has a strong reputation for their use of authentic ingredients, which are mixed to create a premium quality in the wax.

With up to 150 hours of burn time, it will fill your home with distinctive, lifelike scents for many weeks when used sparingly.

Whilst the smell is very distinguishable, it doesn’t remain potent for that long. Therefore, it’s probably better to use it in short bursts rather than lengthy periods to really benefit from the scent.


3. Toilet Bowl Freshener – Air Wick VIPoo

Despite the puerile name, this spray is extremely effective. Simply spritz a bit into the bowl before you take a seat and the clever formula will trap odours in the bowl, leaving behind a nice fresh scent of your choosing.

This spray comes in four scents: Fruity Pin-Up, Lavender Superstar, Lemon Idol, and Rosy Starlet. Each bottle is rated for 300 sprays, which should be roughly 100 uses, though may be less depending on usage. The small bottle makes it ideal for keeping in a purse or backpack for on-the-go usage

User reports seem to indicate that this type of freshener is highly effective. However, it isn’t as effective when used as a regular air freshening spray.


4. Reed Diffuser – Yankee Candle Signature Reed Diffuser

Yankee Candle’s Reed Diffusers are another great product line for those who enjoy natural aromas in their home.

Diffusers are the perfect alternative for the areas that aren’t suitable for naked flames, such as offices and wardrobes. Each diffuser gives out a continuous, refreshing scent even whilst you’re out of the house, without being a fire hazard.

Designed with natural rattan reeds, it is designed to delicately diffuse a variety of smells, providing up to 10 weeks of fragrance!

Whilst the diffuser is quite long lasting, the potency isn’t as strong. Therefore, the diffusers are most effective in small bathrooms.


5. Automatic Spray – Airwick Freshmatic Max Air Freshener

Automatic sprays are very similar to plug-in units, in fact the only difference is that they don’t plug in.  This allows you to put the air freshener in a strategic location to maximise fragrance, such as the middle of a room or away from windows.

One major downside of these spray units is that they often only accept branded refills. This means that you’ll overpay for fragrance refills. Unfortunately, this Airwick device is no exception. Luckily, the refills last quite a long time: up to 60 days on minimum settings, so they’re still decent value.

The refills are available in a vast range of fragrances, which gives you a good chance of finding one that suits your home best. Plus, the ability to switch fragrances out helps to keep the scent interesting.


6. Room Spray – Febreze Spray Blossom and Breeze Air Freshener

Room sprays are a highly popular form of air freshening product, particularly for bathroom use. Whenever there’s an odour you wish to remove, you simply spray a bit of Febreze around and it will actually neutralise the odour, replacing it with a light scent of your choosing.

If dealing with bathroom odours is your single concern, a room spray is a very good option. Febreze make excellent air freshening sprays as their sprays actually aim to clean odours from the air, rather than masking them with a dense flower smell.