Sarah Beningfield

An adventurous book lover with an animal obsession and a proclivity for travel and spontaneity. Used to passionately despise cleaning but has grown to enjoy it thanks to learning all the best tricks and shortcuts to guaranteeing a stress-free routine and a spotless home.

How to Stop Mould in a Wardrobe

How to Stop Mould in a Wardrobe

Finding mould amongst your lovely clean clothes is never a pleasant discovery. Mould can be stubborn and it’s important to be sure to eradicate it completely, or it will swiftly return. Mould can have various unpleasant effects on our health if we breathe it in for extended periods of time, so it is imperative that

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How to Wash Pillows

How to Wash Pillows (UK)

While the idea of washing your pillows can be quite daunting, it is something that should be done at least every six months! Keeping your pillows clean will prevent any smells, mould or bacteria from collecting there and will keep you healthy and sleeping soundly at night. Dust mites are very real and the best

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